Thursday, August 23, 2012

Top 10 Street Fighter Characters

Street Fighter is my favorite fighting game; a shocker, right? Throughout these games there have been tons of interesting characters that I have used and I wanted to make a Top 10 list of my favorite ones. Now, this list is based mainly on my favorites to play in the certain games that they are in. I'm not too into their stories(I mean, it's a fighting game, story is automatically throw away) so I'm not going to break down their character design or background. It's all about their gameplay. I also want to point out that this is not a Tier list, just my favorite characters. And, I'm not a pro guys. I play this game a lot and I do not consider my self a professional; I just really love this game. Street Fighter has been around for 25 years, lets see which characters have stuck with me.

Yes, Hugo is in Street Fighter III, but I never really played him in that game. With that said, I have not played much of Street Fighter x Tekken either. I wasn't really hyped for SF x Tek until I saw the Hugo gameplay footage. A HUGE character that can reach across the screen. The breakdown vids for this guy just sucked me in to wanting the game. For the little I have played the game, I always practiced or used Hugo. His combos are really fun to pull off. Crouching strong > Lariat > Crouching Jab > Light Palm Breaker > Backbreaker. I can do that shit all day. My fav combo in the game. Plus, you can edit Hugo's colors in the game and give him the glowing green skin to make him look like the Hulk; awesomeness to the extreme. I think he's a really fun character in the game to play as and his BnB is really easy to learn. A very enjoyable character to play as.

Rose is my favorite chick in the SF games. It wasn't until Street Fighter IV that I started to use her, even though she was in the Alpha series. It was a player on my friend's list, Lemon Cutter, that really started getting me into using her. At first, it was simple stuff, like learning her anti-air is the crouching fierce or doing her little slide(diagonal forward + MK) into a quick throw. Then, my good friend Scorpius Jones, taught me about her frametraps; Standing MK(while next to the opponent) then option to either throw or Crouching Strong > Soul Spiral. She's also my fav SF character to draw(check out my DeviantArt). I think when you play a game with lots of characters, you have to have a fav of the opposite sex. Now, I'm not a good Rose player at all, but it is fun when get someone on the run with her, considering that her Ultras are not that great, she has the worst focus attack; but owning some fool playing Ryu while you're a chick wearing a pink or purple dress is satisfying. Yes, I said it.

Out of all the Street Fighter games, the Aplha series is the one I played the least. But whenever I did play, I defaulted to Charlie. Yes, it is because he is pretty much a Guile clone, but I really like his pokes in the games. Plus, he has a dash. But his pokes are really good. I was never able to do anything super fancy, but the Charlie in the Alpha series was like a way better Guile from the original Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo game. His recovery is fast on his crouching MK, so if you are poking your opponent and they attempt to jump, you have enough time to hit them with a light Flash Kick, and I love that(like Guile in the SF2 games). I'm not saying that it is his master strategy, but it helped me get comfortable when first playing the Alpha games. He's really the only character I feel at least average with in the games and at least because of this character, it helped me enjoy the Alpha series(even though I didn't play it too much). So, if you are used to Guile, you will fit right in with Charlie.

Though he is not even considered Mid Tier in the Street Fighter IV games, Vega is awesome. I never really played him in the other games until IV. He's really fun to play as if you get on a roll. I remember my first scrub strategy when playing this game was getting a knockdown on the opponent, walking back in forth during their wake up, and either hitting them with a throw or a sweep. It's was very trollish and it is really aggravating when it is done to you. Then I advanced and learned the Crouching Strong > EX Flying Barcelona > Izuna Drop. I don't know if he got nerfs or buffs in Super and AE, but I can still go back to him and get a few W's and I always valued my Vega play when SF4 first came out. Oh, and the stuff he says is just awesome. Whether it be the “Yo-da-lay-hee-hoo!” victory pose at the end of a round or, my personal fav, “What an ugly rose.” when he hits his Ultra 2, you will find yourself repeating it through your entire game session. I really think his version in the SF4 games is the best and I love watching really awesome Vega players on stream or on vids, destroying other players. Low Tier for the win.

Ah, Dictator. Bipson, son, Bipson(no, not a typo, I mean Bipson). A really easy player to use with godlike normals in the SF4 series. Don't know how to play Bison? A good start is standing Roundhouse. A great anti-air and it is a really quick move. Just spam the shit out of it. An old joke used to be “You don't know how to play Bison if you are not hitting Roundhouse at least 50 times a round.” And in reality, he's a pretty simple character to play as. His combos are fun to pull off as well, and his frametraps are satisfying. Crouching Short > Standing Jab(close to opponent) > WAIT > Crouching MK > Light Scissors Kick. Get da counta hitz! Fun as fuck. Plus, his throw game is bad ass. Once again, you can be super troll like by just walking up to the opponent: Crouching Short into throw, repeat. You would be amazed how often that works. Good quotable sayings like “This place shall become your grave!” with Ultra 1. And he always has that fucking troll smile on his face(“Pretty Bison”). A simple but really fun character. Again, the SF4 versions of this character are the best, in my opinion.

Adon is my crazy character. I like to play him and just go ballistic and Adon is a great character to do that with. Fast crossovers and, in my opinion, the best throw game. His throw is so fast, that some opponents aren't quick enough to tech them. He can FADC into his Ultra two, which is help full, and his Standing Roundhouse is awesome. It has pretty ok distance and it is two hits so it breaks Focus. Adon has an off the wall playstyle that can really fuck with opponents. I first got into Adon after watching Gamerbee play a couple of years ago. I watched the way he mastered the Jaguar Kick and I was hooked. Adon is just my pure rush down character and you would be shocked at how many people don't really know how to play against him. One sad thing though is that my game with him is not what it used to be. I got to take him back in the training room and online and get back in the swing of things. It's just so epic when you take Adon online and just connect and counter hit everybody. He is definitely one of those characters that own the opposition when you get the momentum. Fun as hell to play and just a crazy fucker.

When playing online with my friends, we have this saying: “Honda always wins.” Seriously, through random sets, whoever got Honda, won. He does massive damage and as soon as your get all the combos down for the Hands, you get addicted. I was never into play Honda until I starting get down the Hands combos. After that, he's hard to put down. I would a specific finger exercise when I wasn't playing: Index finger down(for jab), ring finger down(for fierce), middle finger down(for strong), then index again, and closing with ring again. Get this down and do it as fast as possible after landing a jab or strong, boom, you got hands, son! I used to practice this exercise at work over and over again on a keyboard, trying to build the speed. That's how awesome this character is. And don't forget the butt splashes. In my early Honda experiences, it was really fun to do a light butt splash, land in front of the opponent, then immediately do a fierce or EX butt splash. Got a lot of people TOO MANY TIMES with that. Honda is just a tank, especially in the SF4 series. I give mad props to Mike Ross for maining him for so many years. Honda needs more respect!

Give Boxer your god damn, mother fucking, fight money. Rog is a beast; pure and simple. I played with him most in 4 but have you seen the vids of him in SSF2 Turbo? Crazy as rush down. Practically locks your ass down. Balrog was the first character I chose in SF4 to be a serious main. I did a lot practice and matches with him. He's so weird. Rog seems so basic but fools can get blown up by him so easily. He is very deceptive. Like, deceptively godlike. He has a good strat in the throw game because his jabs are just lightning fast. Jab > Throw. He has a good BnB too: Crouching Jab x2 > Crouching Short > Headbutt/Dash Punches. His turnaround punch is awesome too; goes around projectiles and breaks focus. I chose him as my first serious main in SF4 because he was a charge character, so it helped me on defense since I had to hold back, that and I like beating Ryus with Rog. Shit feels great. Rog has to do so much work against the fucking Capcom posterboy, so when you beat him, it is gratifying. Balrog is just really good all around, I think, and I am surprised that the only Pro player that can get to Top 8 of EVO with him is PR Balrog. We need more Rog players in the FGC. Buffalo power, son.

Guile has always been my rock. Through out all Street Fighter games, I can count on Guile to be a character I feel I can compete with. I tend to play somewhat defensively because I'm so amateur at the games. Plus, I like taking the guy with THE LEAST SPECIAL MOVES EVER and winning with him. I have recently dubbed him my main for life. Am I the best Guile player, fuck no. But I feel I perform the best with him. During all my growing pains with SF4(learning the game and trying different characters) I felt I could always fall back on him to get a W. I especially like him in the SF2 series. Sonic Booms and Flash Kicks everywhere. My favorite combo of his is Jumping Fierce/Roundhouse > Crouching Short > Crouching Jab > Light Flash Kick. I will try and do this every time you fight me. His normals are arguable the best in the game. In SSF4, Guile was the new Ryu online. Everyone played him. Fuck that. I played him since SF2. I even like playing with him Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. Not the best character in game by far, but once again, my rock. Hell, even the few times I played Capcom Vs. SNK, I used Guile, who is awesome in that game. I think his best version is in the SF2 series. He's pretty tough to fight, I think. Mad hype for Guile, people. I'll beat you with only TWO SPECIAL MOVES.

Let me clarify. Ken from Street Fighter II. Not Ken from SF3 or 4, SF2. Ken was the first character in Street Fighter I ever played as when I was a kid. I thought he was way cooler than Ryu. In childhood, I played The World Warrior, Championship Edition and SF2 Turbo with my brother. He was older, so he always was Player One. And, of course, he played as Ryu. I, the younger brother, had to counter pick and compete at Ryu's own game with Ken. So many debates about who is better; Ryu or Ken. I will always back Ken. I don't care if he has a flow chart, Ken will always be my favorite SF character. If SF2, I thought his moves, though the same as Ryu's, were better. I always preferred the multiple hits off the Tatsus and Dragon Punches over Ryu's knockdowns. And then when the added the fire to his Fierce Shoryuken, fucking epic, bro. Ken is part of my childhood and a big part of my young SF memories. I think this is a main reason why people like Ken so much; because he's not Ryu. Just remembering playing The World Warrior at home using that SNES controller kicks my ass into the realm of Nostalgia. SF's face will always be Ken Masters in my eyes.


  1. Your thoughts on Ken are almost identical to my best friend's growing up. When they added fire to his uppercut, my buddy was definitely in my face about Ryu and his sucky indecisively colored fireballs. :p

  2. I had a dream last night where I was a master at Muay Thai. I blame your article and your mention of Adon :-P

  3. Balrog is the man! I used to love punching fools with him.

  4. Street fighter is the only computer game that I have ever played! And that was 18 years ago but I did like it :)

  5. Ein! Zwei! Drei! Ende! Oh, Hugo, why u so Hugo? (And while we're at it, why are you like three stories tall in the SF3 manga?)

    Tomfoolery aside, you're up for a Liebster Award. If you feel like going through it (assuming you haven't done so already), here are the details and junk.