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Friday, January 27, 2012

Watchmen Chapter XII

Believe it or not, I just finished reading Watchmen for the first time. I really liked it; well, I really like Chapters I-XI. My issue focuses on the finale with Chapter XII. Before I continue, I do want to let everyone know that this article will contain SPOILERS. So if you have not read Watchmen, stop now and go read it. This is intended for those that have read the entire graphic novel.

After all the build up for the conclusion, all the back story to all the characters, the final reveal that the man behind the enter plot, Adrian Veidt, the world is hanging on the brink of World War III, what does Chapter XII of the Watchmen open with? A man made alien crushing half of New York........? What the fuck? Earlier in the book, we find out that Adrian's entire plot, including murders, confusing Dr. Manhattan; the whole sha-bang, is to unite the entire world to fight a common threat rather than fighting each other. But how does he do this? By gathering a large amount of great minds from the planet and sending them to an island to create a fake alien. This way, the world would bring their own conflicts to a halt and ban together to fight a new crisis thus, preventing a third World War.

Adrian's creation...the worst spread eagle, ever
Now, it is not the created alien that destroys New York City, but the teleportation it took to reach there that causes the actual destruction. That's right folks, New York is destroyed and the world is united thanks to a giant stuffed toy. Yes, a stuffed toy. That's what if fucking is. Now I'm sure Watchmen fanboys are plotting my murder by this point and gearing up their retorts: “No! The alien is a symbol!” or “Did you even get what it meant?!” and closing with “You just don't get it!” Look, I studied the first three pages(which are the pictures of the alien), my first reaction was an eye roll. I mean, couldn't there have been a better way to end this? To be honest, I would have rather preferred it being an ACTUAL alien being that Veidt somehow got in contact with and convinced it to help him. Anything but just teleporting an inanimate object on a city.

This is just my view and my opinion. I was really built up for this finale and I feel a little let down. Lets go back to where I call the alien a stuffed toy and think about it and try to stay with me as I explain my bullshit connection this has. Veidt took great minds from the planet and built his own life form. All the people took their insight and imagination and put it into their creation. Now in the book, the toy does nothing but sit there after it was teleported. What it could possibly do is never shown so I will not speculate about it. Now looked at stuffed toy, a teddy bear, if you will. It is an man made inanimate object. And whoever is holding it, usually children, take the teddy bear and make it what they want. Whether they and their stuffed companion are pretending to fly through the galaxy on a spaceship, fight bad guys and fly like superheroes, or, in Veidt's case, you use it to save humanity.

This is just what I got out of it. I would like to repeat, I like this graphic novel. I was very enthralled by it and overall, it is a good read. Maybe not my favorite, but still good nonetheless. And just on a nerd side note, I have heard countless BITCHING about Indiana Jones 4 having FUCKING ALIENS at the end of it but I have never heard ANYBODY bitch about a fake alien at the end of Watchmen. Just sayin. Samething.

As for the rest of the Chapter and the ending of Watchmen, I liked it. I did not mind Rorschach dying because of the journal he left at the end. I like the idea of Rorschach getting the last laugh and thinking about the New Frontiersman printing his writings. It gave me the closure that Adrian would get his comeupin's at some point. I just could have done without a fake alien invasion. But, that's just me.

Geek Juice Radio: Episode 5

Episode 5 is now up and available! Click the link below to listen/download and remember you can always listen to Geek Juice Radio at

Discussions about Game of Thrones, dystopia and the connection between Fight Club and Calvin and Hobbes featuring Kevin Daley, Tom Badguy, Charlie McMullen, and Alex Jowski.
(Episode originally aired 01/26/12)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI

What a disappointing weekend. The Conference Championship games were fun to watch but the out comes were not what I wanted AT ALL. Somethings to note from this last weekend; Billy Cundiff missed a 30+ yard field goal to tie the game which lead to New England's victory. In the NFC, two San Francisco fumbles by WR Kyle Williams on punt returns lead to 10 points for the Giants, including the field goal in overtime to win the game. So now we set the stage for the 2007 Super Bowl rematch.

Conference Championship Results

Baltimore 20
New England 23

New York Giants 20
San Francisco 17

Super Bowl XLVI

New York Giants Vs. New England

A 2007 Super Bowl rematch. Wow. I waited an entire offseason plus a lockout for a a fuckin' rematch. The championship games this year in football are kind of dull. In college football, the BCS National Championship was another rematch between LSU and Alabama. Now the Super bowl is a rematch from '07. My interest level is dropping. But lets look at these two teams and I will try to make up for my 0-2 picks from last week.

NYG Vs. New England, last time, the Giants won 17-14
The New York Giants are on fire. They crushed Atlanta(at home) and Green Bay(on the road) before pulling off the overtime win against the 49ers(on the road). Their defense is developing as one of the best postseason defenses I remember seeing. Their defensive line is evil but I was very impressed with how well their secondary has been playing as well. They are shutting down great receivers just enough to get an edge and set their offense up in good situations. Speaking of the offense, Victor Cruz is a FUCKING BEAST. I mean, this guy came out of nowhere and is doing a hell of a job.

Victor Cruz is looking forward to crowning his great season with a Super Bowl victory
Now, two things I think the Giants need to improve to win this game. First off, the running game, which has dwindled in the last two games. This needs to be working at Super Bowl time. Without a running game, you leave Eli Manning throwing 50+ passes like he did last week. This leads into the next thing they must improve; TAKE CARE OF MANNING. The 49ers defense ABUSED Eli Manning last week forcing 6 sacks and 20+ knockdowns on the NY quarterback. In a game like this where obviously Eli Manning is the most important part of your offense, you got to take care of him.

Will Manning be better protected or will he suffer constant harassment?
NYG's plan on defense is obvious. Stop the New England tight ends and get to Tom Brady. This Pats offense can move down the field FAST and with such big, physical targets, the Giants defense will need to play disciplined football and not give anything up. If the secondary can do that, then that will give the front seven more time to get to Brady and force some mistakes. Now, this is easier said than done and I look forward to seeing how NY's defense will play against New England's offense.

Moving on to the New England Patriots, is it me or has the Pats defense been playing its best defense all year? Last week, the Patriots kept Baltimore running back Ray Rice at bay and the secondary played well enough against Joe Flacco to win the game. The Patriots just need to play their game. No huddle, short passes to the tight ends. Tom Brady seemed a little off last week as we saw some of his passes sail on him. He needs to, and I quote, “go out there and sling it.” Now, it is unknown if Ron Gronkowski will be in this game because of an injury he sustained last week. Honestly, it's a blow, but when you have Aaron Hernandez and Wes Welker, I think any offense can cope.

Is Ron Gronkowski going to be dressed to play come Super Bowl XLVI?
Back to the Pats defense, they just need to do two things. Cover Victor Cruz and get to Eli Manning. If Cruz is covered, Manning has to spend more time in the pocket and if the Pats D can get to him then mistakes will happen. New England will need to force Manning to throw to his check downs and make tackles. Now, the Giants running attack has not been good as of late, but you can't ignore Ahmad Bradshaw. The front seven will need to contain him and basically just force Eli Manning to win the game with his arm.

The Pats D has been great this postseason
Also, in order for the Pats to get something going in any game against a good defense, they need to establish SOME KIND OF RUN GAME. They have failed to do it all year and I think they need to correct their mistakes from the Super Bowl XLII. In that game, New England has no run game and Tom Brady was hit and knocked around which is exactly what the Giants needed to win. They need to find some way to move the ball on the ground and keep the Giants defense honest. If they just air it out all the time, the Giants defense has proven that they can stop a constant passing attack.

Love him or hate him, Tom Brady is a great QB
So which team do I pick to win? How will the game go? Honestly, I think the Patriots will start the game driving down the field and scoring. But once the Giants D adjusts, expect Tom Brady and the offense to have to find new ways to to get down the field. I think Manning and Cruz will hook up many times over the game but don't be surprised the Patriots defense is better than you think it is. I see another close game coming down to the wire. Now, I've preached all postseason that the Giants are doing their repeat of '07. I think both teams are very similar except this year's team has Victor Cruz instead of Plaxico Burress. So since I've gone with that the entire playoffs, I'm going with it again. I have no doubt that the Pats are able to win this game. But I think it will be close and the outcome could either way. But in that situation and for the sake of prediction, I'm going with the New York Giants over the New England Patriots.

Giants 27-24

Monday, January 23, 2012

Geek Juice Radio: Episode 4

Episode 4 is now up! Click the link below to download/listen to the episode and remember, you can always listen to Geek Juice Radio at

Episode 4 - Click to download/listen
Discussions about Japanese RPGs and Comic Books featuring Tom Badguy, Kevin Daley, Charlie McMullen, and Alex Jowski. Plus, new intro!
(Episode originally aired 01/19/12)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Review: King of Chinatown(2010)

King of Chinatown(2010)
Directed by Jordan Levinson & Calvin Theobald

Before I being this review, I would like to note that my opinions and views are solely based on the documentary itself. Any events, actions, explanations, or details that have come up since or during the making of this film or its release will not be mentioned.

King of Chinatown is a documentary about two people; Justin Wong and Isaiah TriForce Johnson. Justin Wong is a professional gamer and is known as one of the best Street Fighter IV players in the United States(some debate in the world). TriForce runs Empire Arcadia, a group of professional gamers that primarily focus on fighting games like Street Fighter and Marvel Versus Capcom. This documentary is the story of the rise of Justin Wong's success with the release of Street Fighter IV and TriForce trying to turn gaming into something profitable with Empire Arcadia.

Justin Wong
We begin our documentary with a quick overview of Justin and TriForce's relationship. Justin explains how he and TF are best friends. He also details how he got into Street Fighter and continues about his past with the game. Everyone has seen the infamous Third Strike video of Daigo “The Beast” Umehara parrying all of Justin's attacks and winning(this video is so popular, it's not worth posting). He also includes his involvement with The Empire and what he hopes will come out of it; sponsorships, money, etc.

TriForce explains how EMP is not like any other gamer clans. EMP is a business. He recruits talent to play video games competitively and through that, get them set up with sponsors and appearances, and in doing so, take a cut for profit to put into EMP. TF also details that he is great friends with Justin and that their work together is going to be big. You will also recognize that TF is a huge Nintendo fan as he is recognized by wearing the Power Glove(it's so bad) along with a Legend of Zelda Tri-Force pendant. Now, both started at an arcade in New York called Chinatown Fair. Justin emerged as one of the best players.

We continue on to TF detailing how EMP is a business and that the players need to get out and compete to make money. He explains how EMP needs to make $50,000 to break even. Lets stop right here. $50,000. You are pushing on your friends that play video games that 50 grand needs to be made or you are all bankrupt. This does not sound like a good situation to be in, considering that everyone and their mother knows that Justin will be the one bring it in. He also introduces us to “The Arc.” The Arc is the house where EMP members come to train and sharpen their game; a glorified clubhouse basically.

Also included in the introduction, are some segways to some former EMP members and Justin's friends. They berated TF saying that he's shady, greedy and that he's “riding Justin's coattails” to fame. Even a former business partner of TF's states that he would try to get younger kids that were still in school, to not focus on their school work but to play games more. Now, this is hearsay but these guys seem convinced that TF is up to no good.

Justin's friends and a former EMP business partner
As we transition into Street Fighter, Justin is attempting to post a 100 game winstreak in a competition. TF explains how this would be a good opportunity for Justin to show his stuff and maybe land a sponsor or a deal to promote gaming products. Justin does post the winstreak and is rewarded with $500. This is an impressive feat for a fighting game because even if you are one of the best, playing 100 straight fights can be tedious and you are probably prone to drop a few games. At this point, everything seems pretty legit. Justin plays the games while TF manages the company and handles the business deals. Pretty straight forward. So far...

Fast forward to a GameStop tournament. The winner gets to go to an invitational to play against other winners of their respected tournament to decide who is the best in the country. We view some interview footage of Justin Wong explaining that he is doing this for his grandma and that she needs the money to pay rent, when TF stops the interview and some shadiness begins. TF tells Justin to say it again the way he told him to say it and it is implied that Justin's grandma story is fraud and it is being used to boost his image. Now, this is bullshit. First off, on TF's part. The fact off that he is even considering having one of his players do this is ridiculous. Second, I put blame on Justin Wong just for going along with it. Major error on both parts; talent and manager. The GameStop tournament featured many players and lasted longer than a day. But when everything was said and done, Justin Wong came away the winner and would move on to play against the best players in the country.

Justin winning
The National tournament was in Las Angeles, CA, and we are introduced to the very popular Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez. If you have not seen Cross Counter, then go here: and you will know. Gootecks explains how to determine if a player is good using win percentages as an example. He continues by detailing that the really good players can win in the 97+ percentile. The documentary also displays Gootecks' effect on the fighting game community and all the great things he has accomplished; hosting tournaments that feature the best players in the country, podcast, his show, etc. You get the understanding that the community has a large respect for him.

We then segway to one of my favorite parts of the documentary, the Keystone arcade. Keystone is basically just an arcade built in someone's backyard in their garage. A lot of the Southern California players go to play against each other and it is a great look into an underground scene. In the film, you see Justin Wong, Gootecks, Mike Ross, and even Seth Killian aka “S-Kill.” 

Seth Killian
Seth Killian is a community manager for Capcom and is very involved with events featuring Street Fighter. He is the host for most of the main events like EVO and also does commentary for a lot of the matches. Everyone then gathers around as Justin Wong and Gootecks have a Balrog mirror match; first to five. Justin Wong came out the victor.

Keystone is owned by a man simply known as Albert
Now to the day of the national tournament. We learn that not only with the country's best be playing, but the winner will have exhibitions matches against Poongko, the Korean champ, Iyo, the Japanese champ and Daigo Umehara. Real quick, I wasn't expecting to see Poongko in this documentary. I didn't think he was known until this last EVO where he placed 3rd. But apparently, he's been around for a while. A group picture is taken and everyone gathers on the bus and we hear some shit talking as Daigo enters the bus. My favorite was, “How many SF4 tournaments you won, Daigo?” Obviously, there's a line drawn in the sand between US players and other countries. Other included in the tournament for the US were Mike Ross, Floe, Juicebox, and others.

 U.S. National finalists
Before the tournament begins, we witness a pretty humorous moment. TF and his Power Glove are shunned by Justin. Justin says that this is a Street Fighter thing and that he has to remove. TF replies by stating that you have to conform to the industry and once he makes his first million, he's going to tell the industry to kiss his ass. This is fuckin' stupid. If I were TF, I would rock the glove regardless. Conforming to anything pisses me off. I get the feeling that the only reason why he did it was because he had no good defense to tell Justin and because the cameras were on. Just do what you want. I never viewed the fighting game community as a form of conformity. But according to TF, you have to have money to tell the industry to fuck off. I have no money so hear me now:

Dear Industry, FUCK OFF.

Was that so hard? Seriously, and this is to everybody, be who you want to be and don't let anyone or anything manipulate who you are. If you want to go tournaments with a Power Glove, then fuckin' rock it. But don't give me some bullshit that you have to conform to the industry. That changes the meaning of your cause from an independent, respectable goal to a drone company that only does what everybody else does. You get minus 10 cool points TriForce. And Justin, you get minus 5 cool points for even giving a shit about the Nintendo Power Glove.

We also get a scene where TF discusses how much impact Gootecks has on the community and takes a shot at recruiting him. This fails. Gootecks has definitely heard some of the things TF does and makes a particular comment that stands out, 'It always feels so shady, right?” Obviously, Gootecks knows what's going on.

Now then, on to the tournament. Oh, and guess what? Justin Wong wins. My favorite fight during his victories was against Mike Ross(E. Honda). Justin(Rufus) won the first set and then went right up to Mike's face and talked shit. Love it. Justin(Rufus) then goes on to beat Poongko(Ryu) and Iyo(Dhalsim) and is left to take on the beast himself, Daigo. Before the fight takes place, we see some footage of TF telling Justin that if he wins that he needs to say that the person he thanks the most is his manager and to invite him on stage. In my opinion, this is unnecessary because I'm sure if Justin won, he would have mentioned the Empire at some point. This leads to more of the supposed shadiness that is TF. But in reality, TF did provide Justin the tools and a place to play and practice and they are best friends, so it's more of a selfish thing to do. But who knows how someone else would react considering the heat of the moment. Also, who knows if TF was implying that Justin should bring up EMP as well as himself. I guess only they will know.

Justin(Rufus) takes on Daigo(Ryu) and loses. Justin did make some great achievements getting 1st place in the nationals as well as defeating the Korean and Japanese champions. Just a funny part though, TF was telling Justin that the only reason Daigo won was because Daigo counter picked Justin. I laughed my ass off at this point. Daigo does not counter pick, he simply bodies people. I mean, really? Daigo counter picked Justin? Give me a fuckin' break. I mean, he could have said that maybe for encouragement, but you can't buy that Justin believed him.

Justin Vs. Daigo; Victory to Daigo
Afterward, Justin gets prepped for a TV interview to talk about his tournament experience. But TF tells him, “what we couldn't do on the stage, we're going to do here.” Um, ok? Justin is doing his interview when out of nowhere, TF comes up and “occupies” the mic from Justin. His part is quick and he talks about how great Justin was. I don't think this is a bad thing. I mean, it's not like he took the mic as was all, “My name is TriForce and I am the greatest. I built EMP. Justin is nothing without me.” Instead, he just hyped Justin. Then he says he didn't want to take any more TV from Justin and leaves with a final remark that Justin is better than Daigo. Once again, this is one of those unsure moments. TF even appearing on Justin's interview is strange but the fact that he did it to spread the good graces of Justin just seems like a friend having another friend's back. I mean, Justin's expression was uncomfortable though. At this point, I get the impression that neither TF or Justin knows how any of this is supposed to work. I thought TF was going to take the mic and spout about EMP but instead just talked about Justin and then backed off. This made me think that TF himself was not sure if what he was doing was the right thing and the same for Justin. These actions make me gather an even further thought that this was new to them and they were both figuring it out as they go along.

TriForce and Justin on GameStop TV
Continuing on, we see the great praise and notice of Justin Wong. He appears on a Podcast with Gootecks and is held in very high regard. Gootecks explains that everyone is talking about Justin losing to Daigo but nobody was talking about how Justin defeated the champions of Korea and Japan. Which leads to a funny part of the film where Gootecks tells Justin that Morgan Webb, a G4TV personality, mentioned him on the air. Justin shrugs it off and Gootecks tells someone on the phone, “Justin doesn't care but I care.” This made me laugh my ass off. Gootecks you are entertainment in itself.

Cut back to TF that explains how Justin has landed deals with Evil Controllers and Gamernook. Also during this documentary, he details some background of his life. His father was a cab driver and that sometimes he would work so much that he would have to take his kids with him. TF explains that his father said that only a sucker works a “9 to 5” which is also the header for this film. The phrase “9 to 5” is spoken of frequently in the fighting game community and is tainted as the one thing nobody wants to do. I'm have mixed feelings about this. I think anyone can that nobody wants to work 9 to 5. That's given. But being someone that does work a 9 to 5, I don't think it is a fool's errand. I make money so I can eat, have a roof over my head, take care of my loved ones; it's not a bad life. Because the view of it is so negative to some big personalities in the community, it gives me the impression that people who can't work their dream jobs or need to do what they need to do are a lower class of people. Now, I'm sure this isn't the intent if you ask any of these people, but that's somewhat of the attitude I get. I'm pretty sure these people mean that they don't want to get stuck at a dead end job and that they want to do what they love, but labeling as 9 to 5 and pissing on it, or at least not covering their bases and saying that its not the people they dislike, but the work itself, leaves too much to the imagination. Plus, 9 to 5 is too broad a statement. I could be working at Microsoft or somewhere else that I really want to work and I'm sure I would have a set schedule of hours. Also, you can sense a detection of fear, which is understandable, everybody wants to do what they love, but sometimes shit doesn't work out that way and you have to do what you have to do. Maybe I'm going too much into this but I think someone needs to run through this community and actually clarify what it is they're talking about. But, that could just be me.

Fast forward to EVO 2009. TF explains that their 50K goal was met as EMP made about $52,000+ up to this point. Ok, hold it. That money was brought in by Justin(as explained throughout the documentary). My question is, how much of that money does Justin even get? Plus, EMP would have to divide up to everyone else. Once again, I think $50,000 in the hole is too much to go against. Of course, the details of how the money is spent or where it goes is not fully detailed, so, who knows how much was actually needed. But back to EVO, Justin makes his way through the ranks and ends in the Grand Finals to face, who else, Daigo. But for the second straight time, Daigo beats Justin. Justin was fantastic at EVO 2K9 and it only increased his praise and name.

Daigo Vs. Justin at EVO 2K9; Victory to Daigo
The documentary then transitions to “one year later.” We see TF and other EMP members sitting at the Arc listening to a podcast. They are revealed that Justin Wong has left The Empire and is now with the sponsor Evil Geniuses. This comes as a major shock and surprise to TF and the EMP members. We cut to TF trying to contact Justin and he explains that Justin is not answering his phone or his texts. You see the panic and fret as TF tries to compile why his best friend jumped ship, without any explanation whatsoever. TF says that he will confront Justin at EVO 2K10 and get his answers.

TriForce hearing the news about Justin
Skipping ahead to EVO 2010, TF is there and he is on the hunt for Justin. He then runs into a friend, bragging to him that “he knows what's going to happen.” He is then met with a blitzkrieg of opposite facts as he is told that he can't hold Justin liable for deals he previously had because TF has no contracts. Lets pause for a moment. I thought TF was going to just go to EVO and just hear it straight from his best friend why he left EMP. Not go there and tell him that he is legally held and has to fulfill some halfassed agreement. This is just being salty. I agree that Justin, who claimed to be TF's best friend, should have been a man and just told him, but I wouldn't be a prick and fly to Las Vegas just to tell someone that they can't legally leave. I view this as a friend that got hurt and he just wants to inflict pain back.

TF tries to reach Justin but it intercepted by a representative of Evil Geniuses. Immediately, the rep demands the camera to be shut off. We then cut to TF outside explaining what happened. He tells the story that if he took EG or Justin court, it wouldn't work out for him because they have too much capital. Basically, they have money to resolve anything, where as TF's ridiculous claims couldn't be backed up because he doesn't have the cash. I mean, if this was some other situation, I would be in TF's favor but I'm not going to give a guy that travels across the country thinking he's going to sue the hell out of a friend any sympathy.

We leave EVO 2K10 with a final gesture from TF to Justin. He approaches him and asks, “Still friends?” Justin replies with a favoring “Yeah.” They wish each other luck and move on their separate ways.

The film takes us “three months later” and we come across TF working, oh what's that? Oh, he's now working at a “corporate retail outlet.” Also known as A 9 TO 5. Now, I wouldn't really be salty about this but it is kind of poetic justice. Hate on 9 to 5 so long and you find yourself doing it. TF explains how EMP is not dead and he still has some good players. He also describes how he thinks Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is going to hit the fighting game community in a big way and that EMP needs to jump on it.

9 to 5
Oh, one more thing. Justin got his victory against Daigo at the next major tournament: Season's Beatings. So obviously, EG has treated him well enough to finally conquer The Beast.

Daigo Vs. Justin at Season's Beatings; Victory to Justin
After watching this documentary, I feel I have to choose a side; Justin or TriForce. What is my decision about all of this? Who was right, who was wrong? Honestly, I'm on the fence. I think this was just a tale of two friends that didn't have a full understanding of what they were doing nor did they know how to handle the success and fame that came from it. While some can argue that TF was trying to just cash in, I think he thought he was doing what a manager or talent agent does. Plus, Justin agreed to things that TF wanted him to do; the fake grandma speech, the TV time, everything. He could have backed out or refused at any time. But he didn't because I think a part of him felt like he needed TF. Furthermore, I don't like how Justin just jumped to EG with contacting his so called “best friend.” I do realize that sponsors or talent agencies are a business, but Justin got big working with his friend making it personal. Don't start something personal and try to end it like a business deal. He is your friend. You tell him straight to his face.

I really liked this film for one reason. This film began being shot in 2009. That's right at the same time I got really into Street Fighter with the release of SF4. EVO 2K9 was the first EVO I watched and I like seeing what was going on behind the scenes. Plus, I feel I am a product of Street Fighter IV's popularity because as soon as I got into it seemed that that was the time that SF heavily boosted and the scene exploded. So, it's kind of cool to get into at about the same time most causal fans did. I thought this film captured a lot of what TriForce and Justin were going through but I would have liked to see reactions or listen to some thoughts from actual EMP members that were there at that time. I don't think the full story will ever be known but it makes for great discussions among fighting game fans.

So, where are TriForce and Justin now? Well, Justin is a household name when it comes to Street Fighter or MvC. He's still a part of Evil Geniuses and is as popular as ever. He seems to have landed great with EG and I think they are managing his career perfectly. As for Triforce, he recently released an interview stating that EMP is back for fighting games in 2012. He has a large list of fighters and may even have something going with Time Magazine. You can watch the interview below:

Check out these sites below for more info on King of Chinatown, TriForce and Justin Wong:
King of Chinatown Official Site:
Evil Geniuses:

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NFL Playoffs 2011: Conference Championships

The Divisional Playoffs are over and talk about an amazing weekend. I went 2-2 on my predictions, AGAIN, so hopefully I can predict the upcoming Conference Championships. Here are some things to note from this past weekend, uh, THE NINERS FUCKIN' WON!!! WHO DAT? WE DAT!! The Patriots SHIT KICKED the Broncos, as expected, the Ravens were able to defeat the Texans, and those New York “Football” Giants defeated the Packers, with a little help with three forced turnovers and 8 dropped passes. Now we are just two games away from the Super Bowl and I am pumped.

Divisional Playoffs Results

New Orleans 32
San Francisco 36

Denver 10
New England 45

Houston 13
Baltimore 20

New York Giants 37
Green Bay 20

AFC Championship Game

Baltimore @ New England

The Patriots are coming off a blow out victory over the Denver Broncos and will be the home team for the AFC Championship game. The Patriots have won 14 games this year(including postseason) but all the teams they have beat are either 9-9(Broncos), 8-8 or had losing seasons. Now, Tom Brady and his amazing tight ends, Gronkowski and Hernandez, are awesome and will be a handful to stop for any team. I am also impressed at their defensive performance against the top rushing team in NFL.

Will Rob Gronkowski have another stellar performance against the Ravens D?
But lets look at New England's loses for the season thus far. They dropped an egg against Buffalo but lost to the only teams with winning records on their schedule(Pittsburgh on the road and the New York Giants at home). Now they play a quality team in the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens just came off a win over a Houston team that has played very well defensively.

Is it me or does anyone else feel the Ravens are due to go to the Super Bowl? This is their fourth straight playoff appearance, they finally got to host a playoff game and they don't have to play the Steelers in the Championship game(though I think if they did, they would win). Even though Baltimore is on the road, their schedule shows this year that they only lose on the road to shitty teams; which the Patriots are not. So what it boils down to is wins the battle between the Patriots offense and the Ravens D. This year, I'm siding with the Ravens D. I'm not saying it is going to be easy, but I think they have the tools and speed to hold down receivers like Wes Welker and they have the size and strength to match New England's tight ends.

The Baltimore defense will need to play their best to stop Tom Brady
Now the Pats will score; gotta give Tom Brady some credit, but I think the defense for Baltimore will form opportunities for the offense. When this happens, Ray Rice will need a better performance than he had against the Texans, but I see him getting it done. I think Flacco played pretty good last week and I don't see him choking in this game. I also don't believe the Patriots defense will be as effective as they were against the Broncos. Now, this game will probably be close, but I'm giving it to the visiting team.

Ravens 31-27

NFC Championship Game

New York Giants @ San Francisco

Ok, seriously, who would have PREDICTED Alex Smith would lead an amazing drive and cap it with a touchdown pass to Vernon Davis with 9 seconds left to win a playoff game? AMAZING. San Fran has had their prayers answered with Jim Harbaugh. This guy continues to leave me in shock and awe with the miracles he has been able to pull together with the Niners this season. That's right folks, the 49ers are BACK to the NFC Championship game!

Vernon Davis and the 49ers offense will need to continue to roll against the Giants
Unfortunately, they're probably playing the most dangerous team. Before I get to that, lets look at SF last week. Great defense but when it faulted, the offense, surprisingly, was able to get it done and win. Frank Gore; beast. Vernon Davis; beast. Patrick Willis; beast. Carlos Rogers; beast. Alex Smith...actually a pretty descent QB. The 49ers will be facing a better defense and an explosive offense. They will have to look to their leaders to force turnovers and make even bigger plays. Offensively, grind it out. Nothing fancy, nothing new, play like the team you are and run it right at them.

Now, the New York “We Want a 2007 Repeat” Giants. Wow. They took it to the Packers. They forced 3 fumbles and were able to capitalize on many opportunities. Now, granted, Green Bay had 8 dropped passes and have one of the worst defenses in the NFL, but Eil Manning lit it up and the Giants secondary made a huge difference and kept the Packers to only 20 points. That is a feat. I mean, is there any other team in the postseason that is more on fire than the Giants? But, the 49ers defense is not the Packers defense.

Can the Giants defense continue their dominance on the road?
I think everyone will be predicting that this game will be low scoring and grand defensive display. I agree mostly, but I think a few more points than expected will put on the board. And honestly, I view the Niners as the underdog in this game; THAT'S HOW GOOD THE GIANTS HAVE BEEN PLAYING. I foresee some field goals and several lead changes. I should note that these teams met in the regular season and the Niners won, 27-20. But I expect the Giants to have adjusted and to be well prepared. As for my prediction, I am totally selling out for my favorite team and I am pickin' the Niners! Super Bowl on the line, lets get it done!!

49ers 23-20

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Layout!!!

Well, since Geek Juice got a new layout, I felt my page needed one as well.

Hope you like it and let me know what you think!

Geek Juice Main Page Redesign

Just a small update:

Our Main Page just got a new design I helped put together.

Check it out:

Friday, January 13, 2012

Geek Juice Radio: Episodes 2 & 3

The first two episodes are here! Click the links below to download the first two episodes and remember that you can listen to the episodes any time at

- Discussions about Yahoo! Answers and MPAA featuring Alex Jowski, Kevin Daley, Charley McMullen, Tom Badguy and Josh Hadley
(Episode originally aired 01/05/12)

- Discussions about the movie After Last Season and more Yahoo! Answers featuring Alex Jowski, Charley McMullen and Tom Badguy
(Episode originally aired 01/12/12)

Monday, January 9, 2012

NFL Playoffs 2011: Divisional Playoffs

The first weekend of the NFL Playoffs are over. It was completely the opposite of what I expected. I predicted 3 close games and 1 blowout but it turned into 3 blowouts and 1 close game. Things to note from Wildcard Weekend; Bengals QB Andy Dalton reminded us that he was a rookie by throwing 3 interceptions and 0 touchdown passes in their loss on Saturday. The Saints roll to their 9th straight victory and are on fire. The New York “Football” Giants reclaimed their running game rushing for a total of 172 yards defeating the Falcons. And “Tebow Time” made it's first postseason appearance as the Broncos upset the Steelers. It is also odd to point out that all Wildcard teams lost.

Wildcard Weekend Results

Cincinnati 10
Houston 31

Detroit 28
New Orleans 45

Atlanta 2
New York Giants 24

Pittsburgh 23
Denver 29

So now we're off to the Divisional weekend in which we have some more great match ups.

Divisional Playoffs

Saturday's Games

New Orleans @ San Francisco

Frank Gore will hope to continue leading the 49ers offense
The Niners finally return to the postseason! (cue the band and start a parade) Unfortunately, they have to open up against the New Orleans Saints. The Saints DESTORYED the Lions last Saturday. Seriously, if they wanted to, they probably could have put up 60 points. Drew Brees is ON FIRE and shows no signs of lightening up. It would not surprise me if the Saints go all the way to the Super Bowl. Now, the 49ers have on of the best defenses in the NFL this season. Patrick Willis and Carlos Rogers have really turned up the intensity. Don't expect the Saints to have success running the ball. So, the pressure will fall on San Francisco's secondary. On the offensive side of the ball, Frank gore is a beast and will need to continue to carry the team to relieve pressure off of Alex Smith. Wow, I never thought I would be talking about Alex Smith being in a playoff game. But Brees has shown that no matter who the Saints play, he is capable of overcoming defensive schemes and torching the opposition. I will be rooting for my Niners, but it's hard for me to see them winning this game. I think Drew Brees and the Saints offense is too hot right now and I don't see their fire dying anytime soon. I can only pray that the 49ers can keep New Orleans under 30 points.

Saints 28-21

Denver @ New England

Tom Brady has had a great year as he shoots for another Super Bowl
Mother fuckin' Tim Tebow. Who would have thought? At least for now, Tebow and Broncos fan can claim that Tim is undefeated in the postseason; 1-0. I did not see the Broncos winning last Sunday but against the broken, injury plagued Steelers, they earned their victory. I was very pleased to see Demarius Thomas FINALLY play like a first round draft choice. But expect the fun to end this Saturday in Foxboro. The Patriots already crushed the Broncos in the regular season and I see somewhat of a repeat happening in this game. First off, the Pats are not drowning in injuries. Second, Tom Brady, as it pains me to say, is a great quarterback. Finally, Wes Welker, Bruce Gronkowski; nuff said. I think New England will take their superior offense and home field advantage and roll with it. I will not disagree that the Denver defense has played beyond expectations this year, but they will come up short. Tebow will run out of magic and the Broncos will fall. I think it was a Saturday Night Live skit about Tim Tebow and the Broncos that had an actor playing Jesus that mentioned, “If I'm the son of God, then Tom Brady has to be a nephew or something because he is a miracle worker.”

Patriots 30-17

Sunday's Games

Houston @ Baltimore

Can Arian Foster and the Texans offense stand up to the Ravens' D?
I was VERY impressed the way the Texans handled the Bengals in the first week of the playoffs. Arian Foster was explosive and their defense played great. But now they face the AFC North champs; the Baltimore Ravens. What can be said about the Ravens D that hasn't? Physical, intense, speed, power; the works basically. Terrell Suggs, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, LeDarius Webb; their defense sounds like a pro bowl team. But the losses for this season can't really be pinned on the defense but on the performance of Baltimore QB Joe Flacco. The Ravens lose when he has those games where, it seems, he forgets how to play as a quarterback. The Texans will blitz and try to run different schemes to throw his game off. On the Texans side of the ball, expect the same from last week. Ground it out with Foster and then throw some deep routes to Andre Johnson. I think the home team has the advantage in this game. The Ravens D is too much for rookie Houston QB TJ Yates, though I think the game will be closer than the experts think. The Ravens will pound the ball with Ray Rice and I feel Flacco will have an accurate game against the Texans secondary.

Ravens 24-20

New York Giants @ Green Bay

Will the Giants be able to stop Aaron Rodgers in this NFC rematch?
So the Giants rediscovered their defense in Week 17 and it seems they have rediscovered their running game last Sunday. This team is clicking on all cylinders at the right time(and for the FIRST TIME THIS SEASON). Then you have the 15-1 Packers. A team, I feel, can probably compete for the Super Bowl, for oh, THE NEXT TEN YEARS. Instead of going into the teams, I would like to make some historical references about the Giants(because, what can be said about the Packers that nobody already knows about?). In the 2007 season, when the Giants won it all against the undefeated Patriots, they played New England in the regular season and lost very close. This season, NYG played Green Bay and lost on a game winning field goal. Hmm, interesting. The Giants were 9-7 in 2007 and came into this year's playoffs as 9-7. During their Super Bowl year, they dominated with a scary defense, much like what we have seen develop in the last two weeks. The similarities maybe somewhat general, but this Giants football team is looking very familiar to the '07 championship team. But for the prediction, I give the game to the Packers. They have dominated all year behind QB Aaron Rodgers and boast the best record in the NFL this season. Also, the Giants play at Lambeau....though in 2007, the Giants beat the Packers in, still going with Green Bay...but what if?!

Packers 27-25

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Super SOPA Fighter IV

Recently, there has been some activity thrown Capcom's way. An initial report on stated that Capcom is now supporting the SOPA Act. In the next few days, a member of Capcom explained that their company is part of the ESA, Electronic Software Association, so when since the ESA is against SOPA, their name is pulled since they are a part of it. The representative has stated that Capcom has not announced their own take on SOPA and encourage fans and the public to not worry about anything.

The ESA also represents companies like Nintendo, Microsoft and EA(Electronic Arts) who are all, apparently, trying to voice that they are against SOPA.

I made this video as an example of what could happen if SOPA or another related bill passed. Please visit and fight against these acts. Stand up for your freedoms.

Monday, January 2, 2012

NFL Playoffs 2011: Wildcard Weekend

The 2011 NFL season is completed and it is on to the playoffs! Listed below are the seeds for the AFC and NFC along with my predictions for Wildcard Weekend.


  1. New England(13-3)
  2. Baltimore(12-4)
  3. Houston(10-6)
  4. Denver(8-8)
  5. Pittsburgh(12-4)
  6. Cincinnati(9-7)


  1. Green Bay(15-1)
  2. San Francisco(13-3)
  3. New Orleans(13-3)
  4. NY Giants(9-7)
  5. Atlanta(10-6)
  6. Detroit(10-6)

Wildcard Weekend

Saturday's Games

Cincinnati(9-7) @ Houston(10-6)

Andy Dalton has led the Bengals to the playoffs
The Bengals end up getting in to this year's postseason by teams losing out; the Jets, the Raiders and the Broncos. Cincy dropped their final game against Baltimore but it didn't matter as they got in with the Wildcard. They have to go on the road to play a banged up Houston Texans team that may not have Matt Schaub. So the Texans will have to rely on quarterback TJ Yates, whose first game this season was a victory against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Texans are the AFC South Division winners but I see them coming into this game pretty weak. Though the Bengals end the regular season with a loss, I think rookie QB Andy Dalton can get it done on the road and lead Cincy past the first round.

Bengals 24-21

Detroit(10-6) @ New Orleans(13-3)

Drew Brees has had a great year, will it end with a Super Bowl?
The Saints are HOT right now. They won the NFC South and are on an 8 game winning streak, which includes a 31-17 victory over the Detroit Lions. Drew Brees is playing his best football as he and his offense sport the best passing team in the league. In the last three games, the Saints have scored over 40 points in each of those games. Then we have the Detroit Lions. A very fast and scary offense led by Matthew Stafford and accompanied by probably the best WR in the NFL, Calvin Johnson. They ended their regular season in a shoot out losing to the Packers but the Lions are not a team to take lightly. I don't expect the Saints to dominate the Lions like they did in Week 13, though it is entirely possible, but I expect both offenses to score. But in the end, the home team Saints with get the W and Drew Brees will continue their march toward a Super Bowl.

Saints 28-24

Sunday's Games

Pittsburgh(12-4) @ Denver(8-8)

Will "Tebow Time" be enough to beat the 12-4 Steelers?
How do we define the AFC West winners; The Denver Broncos? Lets see. They lost three straight at the end of the season. They won the division because the Raiders lost to the Chargers. They are an 8-8 team. They sport the top rushing attack in the NFL along with one of the worse passing attacks. And their quarterback is Tim Tebow whose magic seems to have run dry this season. The Broncos get to host the Steelers. The 12-4 Steelers. One of the best defenses in the AFC Steelers. Do the Broncos even have a prayer in this game? Honestly? The only way I can see them winning is by keeping the game with a few points and maybe “Tebow Time” can save them in the last 5 minutes of the game. But I doubt it. I expect it to be a very defensive game and low scoring, but Big Ben and the Steelers will be triumphant.

Steelers 17-7

Atlanta(10-6) @ NY Giants(9-7)

The Giants defense seems to be in the zone right now
Holy shit, the Giants look scary. That defense against the Cowboys was relentless and the Manning-Cruz combination is fierce. BUT, will the momentum last? The Atlanta Falcons are no push overs. Matt Ryan along with Michael Turner have a very balanced offense that can grind you out or score quickly. This could be the best game this weekend. It will be chess match to see which offense can make the opposing defense blink first. Eli Manning has been on fire and Victor Cruz is a ridiculously good wide receiver. Will the Falcons be able to contain them? I expect a great battle and the team that plays the best defense will win in the end. And I think it will be the Giants. Their defensive line is starting to peak and will be a massive chore and hassle to prevent them from getting the quarterback. Pierre-Paul, Tuck and Umenyora will be too much for the Falcons O-Line and will be the difference in this game.

Giants 21-17