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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mass Effect 3: The First 15 Hours

So ME3 is out and I've played through the first two missions. So far, I have some positive things to say about but mainly some rants and issues that are bugging the hell out of me. I know everyone is complaining about the ending, but I'm not even that far yet, so don't worry. This will basically be about the differences between ME2 and 3 as well as some odd things I will point out. I will try to keep any spoilers to a minimum but just in case; if you have not played Mass Effect 3, then you have been warned.

Before I even talk about the game, I want to talk about the first thing that pissed me off; transferring character data from ME2. I had to redesign my character's physical appearance. Apparently, my character data didn't transfer correctly or there was some stupid bug the prevented my previous appearance. I think I remade my character accurately, but it fuckin' pissed me off that I had to do it in the first place. Speaking of the characters design, what a bunch of crap. If you can customize a character without looking too fat or starved, then you have a skill that I will never posses. Plus, the skin tone adjustment during the design phase makes it appear very limited. All tones look ashy and gray rather than natural human tones. But when you get into the game, it looks like it should. Not a big deal, but it kind of threw me off.

Stupid customization...
Now, on to the game. We open with what everyone should already know, the Reapers invade Earth. Shepard and Admiral Anderson escape and you go through a tutorial mode. Basically, if you are used to playing ME2, then you're ready. Nothing too new. You find your way to an escape shuttle and Anderson sends Shepard to recruit help and to come back and retain Earth. Shepard is contacted by Admiral Hackett and is ordered to an Archive on Mars to retrieve Prothean data. Some squirmishes with Cerberus and then you find the data. It is revealed that the data is a schematic to a Prothean weapon and is theorized that it could destroy the Reapers. Shepard takes this information to The Citadel and pleads with the Council to come together and help take back Earth. Not all are for the idea but as you may predict, you begin your busywork missions to try and win the favor.

Reaper attack on Earth
As far as the story goes, I like it thus far. I have completed the first two missions as well as the first DLC, “From the Ashes,” which is fucking awesome but like I said before, I will hold back the spoilers, but I will just detail that you go back to Eden Prime and get a DLC character. The first mission involves going to a Turian moon and trying to to find the Primarch. Shepard and his crew fight on an awesome terrain, and the effects are just killer. I mean, in the background are gigantic Reapers just waging chaos; it is something you must see. You find the Primarch and also meet up with Garrus that rejoins your crew. The second mission involves the Salarian homeworld, where Shepard and Wrex attempt to find a female Krogan that can lead to a cure to the Genophase. Like I said before, the story is great so far and keeps you very interested.

Just a tease of what the "From the Ashes" DLC holds
My issues are focused mainly on some disappointing things I was looking forward to that are not in the game. A while ago, the ME creators said that ME3 would be a perfect combination of the first and second games. They don't seem that way to me. In fact, ME3 kind of just feels like large DLC for ME2. Combat is relatively the same; I mean, it is almost the duplicated system from ME2. Cover, shoot, repeat. Nothing really new(unless you use a Kinect, which I've heard is awesome). As far as the equipment and weapons go, the same. You can purchase pieces of armor, you just spend credits upgrading weapons; the only new thing is that you get to add two modifications onto a weapon. Now, you think it sounds awesome, but I don't think it's that big of a deal. You can add scopes, extra ammo, etc. BUT WHO CARES?! It took them THREE FUCKING GAMES to finally add this and you know what, I don't even see a difference(except for the scopes, obviously).

The Weapon bench w/ Mods
Moving on to the exploration, it's an even more watered down version from ME2. Instead of scanning planets for resources, you scan the systems for anomalies to help your war effort. But if you scan too much in a system, Reapers appear and try to chase you down if you don't leave. And yes, you STILL have to use Fuel to go from system to system. I mean, HOW FUCKING USELESS IS THE FUEL?! It's just something added in the game to drain your wallet, totally useless. And of course, no planet exploration like in ME1(apparently I was the only one who enjoyed that).

There are some glitches in the game as well. Sometimes, you will be talking to more than one character in a dialogue scene. I've noticed that Shepard will be talking to one character but be looking at the other. This is pretty funny, but it gets annoying when it happens more than once. Imagine speaking to the person in front of you while looking in the complete opposite direction. Another annoying dialogue hiccup are the background conversations while walking around public places. They all stack and you can't even understand what FOUR DAMN PEOPLE ARE SAYING. It's frustrating as hell. There were some obvious factors that I feel were overlooked.

One more thing that pisses me off, not Mission trail. By that I mean, when I need to get a mission completed, like bring an item to an NPC, there is no indication or compass that leads me there. For awhile, I was just wandering around praying to run into the person that wanted something. I also had to try and memorize where certain NPCs were. But then I learned that you can check your Map and if there is a new name on the legend, then that meant that that was someone that would accept an item. I do not like this. I think it is horrible navigation and something else should have been placed. Like in ME2, I would click the right stick and an arrow would lead me to where I need to go. I can't even go into the Quest selection and have a marker brought up showing me where I need to go on the Map. It is a broken and weak Mission/Quest navigation system that has had no improvements. It's actually quite sad considering that Mass Effect has a large involvement with ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY.

Overall, like I said before, the game just feels like ME2. I don't play this game and feel anything really different. ME3 has not really opened up to its own identity(apart from its story). I mean, I still enjoy it, mostly. The little bugs are annoying, but tolerable. I'm sure some may say that I should play the game more, which I will, but these are just my first impressions. Would I say this is a bad game? No. But does it just feel like a clone of ME2? Yes. I've always had a rant regarding the elimination of the ammo system from ME1 because that made ME unique. Then the drop to an ammo count just eliminates one more thing that this game had that others did not. So far, ME3 has not really taken a step into doing something daring or special that you can only find in the ME3. But once again, I've just taken one step in the door on this game. I shall see how ME3 continues the more I play.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Geek Juice Radio: Episode 11

Episode 11 is now available to download/listen.  Click the link below to download/listen and remember you can always listen to Geek Juice Radio at

Episode 11- Click to Download/Listen
Discussions about sexual harassment in video gaming communities and Star Wars Episode 1.  Featuring Tom Badguy, Alex Jowski, Kevin Daley with guest appearances from Numb Renditions and Scorpious Jones.

Just got back from Vegas and thought I'd post Ep 11. Enjoy and I am back!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Geek Juice Radio: Episode 10

Episode 10 is now up and available! Click the link below to listen/download and remember you can always listen to Geek Juice Radio at

Episode 10 - Click to Download/Listen
Discussions about movies with your families and Quentin Tarantino featuring Tom Badguy, Kevin Daley, Alex Jowski, and special guest, Josh Hadley!
(Episode originally aired 003/01/12)

Also, I will be out in Las Vegas, NV from 03/03/12 to 03/11/12 so this will be my last post until I return!!!