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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

5 Reasons 2 Hate: Ryu

1. EVERYBODY uses him.

Does anyone know that there are other characters in the Street Fighter games? Seriously, Ryu is not the best fucking character in the game; spoiler. I can't remember how many times I have played online and I fought against multiple Ryus IN A ROW. Newsflash people: you are all NOT Daigo Umehara, ok? If you play online, all you are going to do is learn how to fight Ryus; that's it. Do you know how fucking boring that is? To fight against the same character over and over? Makes you want to throw the game out the window. What is the fascination with Ryu? He's just some douche bag that wants to wander the world and get strong. He has NO personality as a character and you know what, if you are good with Ryu and only Ryu, it doesn't mean SHIT. You don't know how to play the game if Ryu is the only character you can use. You are a FREE mother fucker and so is Ryu. Wait, I know why people use him. Number 2!

2. He's too easy to play as and Capcom made it that way.

Ryu = easiest fucking character in the Street Fighter games. He has the easiet move set(just because Guile has two special moves doesn't count him as the easiet!), the easiest anti-air(strong Shoryuken denies all), too many ways to combo into Ultra 1, simple crossovers, crouching forward is one of the best pokes in the game, and the fucking Hadokens; everything he does requires NO WORK. Look fighting game fans, Ryu is a character for BEGINNERS. He is a character you use to get used to the game before you branch out into a real character. THAT'S THE WAY A FIGHTING GAME IS SUPPOSED TO WORK. The intro character is not supposed to be made Top Tier, but Capcom is a Ryu dick rider and he has too be one of the best. Seriously, Ryu is so easy to play as that I REFUSE to learn him 100% and I PURPOSELY use him in a completely different and wrong way than the way everyone else does. Once again, if you can only be good with Ryu and you are not Daigo, THEN YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE GAME.

3. Spammers.

This one doesn't really bother me too much considering that I know how to counter and work through the Ryu Hadoken spamming and pretty much any fireball game, but unless you are a noob to the game, then please, LEARN HOW TO PLAY THE CHARACTER CORRECTLY. I mean, if you have been playing Street Fighter for years and your strategy is to pick Ryu and abuse down to forward punch and that's it, then give your game to someone else because you are a PANTY WASTE. He's the EASIEST character in the game and all you got is a wall of Hadokens and that's it?! Are you fucking KIDDING ME?! I mean, if you want to keep getting beat and you love to lose, then keep doing it. It's called spacing, you asshole spammers you; FUCKING SPACING. You use the Hadoken to put your opponent where you want them or to manipulate their actions to your advantage. Countless times I have gotten in on online Ryus and I'm standing right next to them, and what do they do? DAMN HADOKEN! Bro, I'm right next to you, HIT ANOTHER BUTTON OR SOMETHING. How many times has someone Focused through your Hadoken and punished you? Learn and adapt you cocksuckers.

4. He's the face of the franchise.

Why is Ryu all of a sudden the face of Capcom? Why does he have to pop up in Capcom games, like Asura's Wrath? Oh now I remember, because Keiji Inafune left Capcom in 2010 thus booting Mega Man, a great known and fan favorite character since the NES days, out of the way and pretty much saying that their company depends of the chump, Ryu. I hate this only because I hate Ryu. Now I have to see Ryu in every fucking Capcom game, or some sort of mention, or hint or WHAT THE FUCK EVER. I still don't think Ryu is identifiable as Mega Man; he's popular, but I bet anyone can point out Mega Man over Ryu. This just makes me salty. The most free character gets all the way to the top. Hmm, and Capcom put him there. And Capcom makes him too good in Street Fighter...So what the SHIT?! Is Ryu just PERMA-TOP TIER?!?!? FUCK YOU, CAPCOM!

5. Ken will always be better.

No that's it. Ken will always be better. Deal with it.

I await everyone's salt. Oh, and


Hold that shit, Scorpius Jones.

Monday, July 9, 2012

EVO 2012 SSF4AE Finals

EVO 2012 has come and gone. A lot of great moments but my favorites finals was of course for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. This year's finals featured a great variety of players from USA, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China and Australia/Hong Kong. Also, all players used different character. If you remember last year, EVO Top 8 for SF was almost all Yuns and Vipers. This year, my good friend Scorpius Jones came over and we watched the SF Finals on stream. Without further ado, here is a recap of Finals for Street Fighter and my thoughts about the matches.

Match #1: Poongko(KOR) w/ Seth Vs. Xiao Hai(CHINA) w/ Cammy

If you are into SF, you know who Poongko is. The guy that perfected Diago last year. Well, he had his hands full here. It was a Seth Vs. Cammy match, which Cammy is usually favored. And did this match just FLY by. Xiao Hai won the first set with some of the best Cammy play I have seen. Using the EX Dive Kick and using great frametraps to just waste Poongko. The final set, Poongko opened up with a perfect on Xiao Hai but then lost the final rounds to get eliminated from the tourney.

Xiao Hai wins.

Match #2: Gamerbee(TAI) w/ Adon Vs. Dieminion(USA) w/ Guile

Dieminion had a great EVO leading up to finals. His Guile was unstoppable and everyone was hyping him up to take it all the way for the USA. It was VERY short lived. Gamerbee, using Adon, put on a fucking CLINIC. Beating Dieminion using great traps and crossovers. Dieminion looked totally unprepared and outclassed. Gamerbee took it FAST. His Adon is outstanding. An onslaught of Jaguar Kicks, throws and my favorite moving, neutral jump forward and roundhouse.

Gamerbee wins.

Match #3: PR Balrog(USA) w/ Balrog Vs. Human Bomb(AUS/HK) w/ Sakura

The first two fights were really quick, this one took a little while longer. PR's Rog looked very sharp against HB's Sakura. PR countered and was ready to the Sakura Tatsu setups and blocked EXTREMELY well. HB got a couple of good rounds in, but PR conquered impressively at the end. At this point, I was happy that PR played very well after Dieminion's horrible display in the match before. PR looked ready and determined to go all the way. And with Balrog of all characters. A character so basic that everyone should know how to play and play against him. Yet, he makes it work. Probably the best Balrod player in the entire world.

PR Balrog wins.

Match #4: Daigo Umehara(JP) w/ Ryu Vs. Infiltration(KOR) w/ Akuma

Daigo “The Beast” Umehara. Arguably one of the best SF players in the entire world. Coming back to EVO with Ryu, his main, his rock(Daigo used Yun in last year's EVO). Fighting against Infiltration, a really great and wild Akuma player that has won his share of majors as well. These two titans collided and, well, it was the first time I have ever seen Daigo beaten that badly. Infiltration used a great variety of frametraps, crossovers and landed two kara Raging Demons. Daigo didn't even win a set. He seemed, unDaigo. Whiffing shoryukens, dropped a combo or two, just got dudeslapped the entire time. Infiltration sent a message to everyone there, that he meant business.

Infiltration wins.

Match #5: Gamerbee(TAI) w/ Adon Vs. Human Bomb(AUS/HK) w/ Sakura

A great match here for Gamerbee. In the first set, he scored a perfect in the second round, taking it. His Adon was so aggressive and just in your face the whole time; which is perfect for Adon's crazy setups and pokes game. HB tried to make a comeback, getting back in the swing of things, but Gamerbee excelled in the pokes/counterpokes game, and utilized Adon's spacing versus Sakura to take the game. I am a Gamerbee fan. I picked up Adon over a year ago because of the way I watched Gamerbee play him. Definitely the best Adon I have seen.

Gamerbee wins.

Match #6: Daigo Umehara(JP) w/ Ryu Vs. Xiao Hai(CHINA) w/ Cammy

Ok. There's no way Daigo is going to go out that easy. Lost the first match versus Infiltration, but had a great shot to get back into against Xiao Hai...or so one would think. Xiao Hai brought it to Daigo. Using a great poking game and a great pressure scheme. Best part, Daigo looks like he was about to take a round until one Hadoken got countered by Xiao Hai's great reflexes, and his Cammy landed and Ultra to win. Xiao Hai beats Daigo and eliminates The Best from EVO. Some odd things to point out here. One, Daigo DID NOT WIN A SINGLE SET in SF finals. Two, this is the second year in a row where a player beat Poongko and Daigo back to back. Just throwing that out there.

Xiao Hai wins.

Match #7: Gamerbee(TAI) w/ Adon Vs. Xiao Hai(CHINA) w/ Cammy

This was probably the most intense match of the finals. Gamerbee and Xiao Hai went back and forth tying sets. XH's Cammy was playing a great style versus the wild Adon play of Gamerbee, countering a Jaguar Kick with an Ultra. But Gamerbee calmed down, played more patiently and turn some of XH's mistakes into victories. And extreme match that ended with a very anti-climatic finish. Gamerbee has the health lead and XH is one or two hits away from defeat, when randomly, XH launched into a spiral arrow which Gamerbee blocked and won with a jab. A very good match, probably the closed match in Top 8. Gamerbee was on fire and sends the player that beat both Poongko and Daigo, home packing.

Match #8: Infiltration(KOR) w/ Akuma Vs. PR Balrog(USA) w/ Balrog

You want to talk about absolute dominance, lets talk Infiltration. His Akuma play is mind blowing. A deadly demon flip game that put PR into submission. PR tried countering with EX dash punches and even an Ultra that was too far at the end, getting punished and defeated. Infiltration out PR on lockdown. PR could do nothing against Infiltration's superior play. Infiltration won and got his spot in Grand Finals.

Infiltration wins.

Match #9: Gamerbee(TAI) w/ Adon Vs. PR Balrog(USA) w/ Balrog

This started fast. Gamerbee picked up where he left off against Xiao Hai unleashing and confusing PR with his Adon play. A lot of throws in this match when you mix the great throw game of Adon with PR's style of Balrog. Gamerbee took the first set but PR tried a raging comeback in the second set, shutting down Gamerbee's menacing Adon tactics. But after that, Gamerbee started with some great mix-ups and wore down PR, eliminating him from the tournament. So everything was set up. I don't recall watching Gamerbee get this far in a tournament, live. But Infiltration's Akuma is so solid, everyone knew Gamerbee had a huge mountain to climb.

Match #10: Gamerbee(TAI) w/ Adon Vs. Infiltration(KOR) w/ Akuma

Not really a match for ages. Why? Because of this match's one sided nature. I'm going to say this right now: Infiltration was too good in this tournament. His Akuma was at the highest level, I think, I have ever seen. Gamerbee stood no chance. I think it was because Infiltration's Akuma was just more crazy and mean than Gamerbee's Adon. Almost none of Adon's mix ups worked, the frametraps failed; it just seemed like Infiltration was in his head. On two occasions, Infiltration was able to counter Gamerbee's jump ins and Jaguar Kicks with Raging Demons. An unbelievable display of skill and knowledge. Infiltration won all three sets and was crowned EVO 2012 SSF4AE Champ.

Mad props to Infiltration
EVO was pretty awesome this year with over 1500 entries for SF alone. Now, I did have an issue with the $12 stream charge which enable the chat and the ability to watch in HD, but I won't get into that because I feel the time to strike that iron isn't here yet. Aside from that, another great tournament in Las Vegas. One thing to mention, this was the first time in a long time that a USA player or Japanese player was not in the final match. SF has gotten big on such an international scale it is crazy. I would still love to go to an EVO event. Maybe next year. But for now, EVO 2012 is over and we await the new announcements for the rest of year's tournaments.

EVO 2012 Final Rankings(Top 8)

1. Infiltration(KOR) w/ Akuma
2. Gamerbee(TAI) w/ Adon
3. PR Balrog(USA) w/ Balrog
4. Xiao Hai(CHINA) w/ Cammy
5. Daigo Umehara(JP) w/ Ryu
6. Human Bomb(AUS/HK) w/ Sakura
7. Dieminion(USA) w/ Guile
7. Poongko(KOR) w/ Seth

Check out for more info on all things EVO 2012.