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Friday, November 30, 2012

Tales of Relevant Thought - Episode 2

It is Episode 2! Kill some time and let us tickle your ear pussies!! Get hyped, share this shit with everyone! Make this podcast huge!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012

FREEplays - Episode 1

FREEplays is a new video gaming series featuring two good friends that like to play games(real original, right?) Watch as Tom Badguy and Scorpius Jones banter, comment and play some games. So watch, comment and enjoy some classic games and analysis! This is just another great feature I have a strong feeling about to the site!

This is something we have always wanted to do(seriously, we talked about it for YEARS and now it is happening). Spread the word on YouTube, Twitter, everything! Lets everyone know about FREEplays!!

Check out the FREEplaysYouTube Channel and Subscribe now!!

(Side Note: I will be out of town for the next 9 days in Vegas and Cali, so enjoy our new content! I won't be posting an ND article, they beat Wake Forest 38-0 and are now ranked #1 in the country! And I will be going to the ND/USC game in LA this Saturday!! Laters!!!)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Tales of Relevant Thought - Pilot Episode

It is here! The Pilot Episode for the Podcast, "Tales of Relevant Thought." We've been waiting a long time to get this together and be made and our first episode is completed! If you follow me on twitter, you probably saw the pics I posted and all the hype surrounding this! We want this to be BIG! I mean SUPER BIG. We feel like we got something really hot right here and we want it to spread across all the interwebs. Currently, there is no schedule set up as of yet for the release of the episodes, nor will this start to be a weekly thing(mainly because I will be out of town on vacation next week). But we want some buzz for this.

Ok, seriously, I know how it goes sometimes. You see a Podcast on the Internet and want to listen to it, but you don't have the time. This is an hour long show; who has the time? But do me this favor. Find that one project you've wanted to work on; something that takes some time. While you're doing it, throw this on in the background and enjoy. I personally feel this is going to be something amazing and it must be exposed to as many listeners as possible. For more information regarding this new Podcast, check out the link near the top of the site.

So, listen! Comment!! Tweet it!!! Show us some love and help get this show heard!!!!

Without further ado, EPISODE 1(Click to listen/download):

Additional Credits/Notes: 
Intro/Outro Beats mixed by: Scorpius Jones
Special Thanks to: Our friend Nate, @kurodensetsu, for the hosting!
* At the end of this episode, we say that these will be posted on YouTube. This recorded before we got hosting.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

MS Paint Nintendo Art #3

Ashtar has to deal with a lot of bullshit
What Star Wars thinks of their new ownership
Batman effects everything
Click to expand

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

MS Paint Nintendo Art #2

Here are some more MS Paint NES stuff I made.

Bad guys need a stage select too
Some have it easier than others
A real Final Fantasy

Monday, November 12, 2012

ND Football 2012: Week 11

So, the Irish didn't fall behind Saturday night in their victory against the Golden Eagles of Boston College. In fact, it was a pretty dominating defensive performance against a BC team that through everything including the kitchen sink at ND. Notre Dame improves to 10-0 on the season and has pretty much solidified itself in a BCS bowl game. The Irish haven't had a 10 win season since 2006. The win over BC makes it four straight times the Irish have beaten the Eagles(no 1993 or 2002 upset this time). Lets take a look at ND's recent victory.

The offense made a great correction this week: score touchdowns. Against Pitt, the Irish struggled to get in the redzone. It was a different story this time. Long, double digit play scoring drives was the story of this game for the Irish. They ran the ball effectively, Everrett Golson threw really well(2 TD passes, 1 TD run, 0 INT), accounting for all of ND's touchdowns. ND led 14-3 at the half on having 3 drives in the first half, all time consuming. You can pretty much gather how this ND team wants to play. Methodical drives, that keeps the opposing offense off the field, while running the ball. The second half was a little, hmm, odd. ND scored on their opening drive making it 21-3. But two fumbles stopped other drives. ND then started to play like the game was over in the middle of the third quarter. At first, I was really upset because I wanted them to pile on the score to help in the rankings. But after giving it some thought, I think Brian Kelly didn't want the team to self destruct or beat themselves. The two turnovers did not make him happy so he wanted to secure the win and eliminate the possibility of shooting themselves in the foot. Whatever works. A win is a win. Unfortunately in this game, freshman wider receiver DaVaris Daniels injured himself in an attempt to catch a touchdown pass and he is out for the rest of the season.

Tyler Eifert high pointing the ball
The defense crushed it, holding BC to just 53 yards rushing in the game. They did not allow a touchdown and forced the Eagles to kick 2 field goals. In the first half, BC used every play they could think of to try to gain an inch on the Irish D. Screen plays, reverses, gimmicks, tricks, shenanigans, whatever you want to call it, they tried it. The BC offense had some success, but the Irish D beared down and held, forcing two turnovers(including Manti Te'o's sixth INT of the year, witch ties for first in the FBS) and five sacks. Prince Shembo and Stephone Tuitt played great, both recording sacks. Bennett Jackson had a great game defending in the secondary almost coming away with a pick six. The only annoying thing I noticed was on third and long, BC would convert on a pass over the middle because ND would be playing zone defense. This is something I hope they clean up for the last two games of the season. The defense played discipline and eventually, wore down the Eagles offensive front creating more and more pressure as the game went on, just like they have done all season. A great team victory for the Irish.

ND's Defense racked up 5 sacks
10-0 feels great. ND next has Wake Forest in their final home game of the season. Senior Day. ND has struggled at home. I'm hoping this will not be the case, but it doesn't really matter to me just as long as they win. Expect the Irish to play more explosively and for the seniors to play out of their minds. It's kind of sad to think that next week will be Manti Te'o's last game at Notre Dame stadium. He has had a great season and will be playing on Sundays next season. The Irish just need to do what they have done all year and that is focus on one game at a time. Get it done against Wake and then close the season at USC. This has been a special season. A special team. I am enjoying the ride and will be happy no matter where it takes them. Until then,

Go, Irish! Beat Wake!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review: Collateral

In my experience and frequent conversations discussing movies and actors, I always notice that when Tom Cruise is brought, you have to be careful with what you say. It feels like you will be castrated if you say he was a good actor in something that is not The Last Samurai. Hating on Cruise seems to be the “in” thing now. I mean, I can see why. He's not really the best actor and his personal life is some crazy train of oddities and WTF moments. I haven't seen every Tom Cruise movie but Collateral is one I think is safe to put as a movie he was good in.

Collateral was directed by Michael Mann, the director that made Heat in '95...and sadly the same guy that made the 2006 film, Miami Vice. So, he's hit and miss as far as I can see. Along with Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx is also in this movie, as Max the cab driver. Foxx is ok in this, no where near his performances I enjoyed in Jarhead or The Soloist. Max is a respectable cabby that takes pride in his work. He works his ass off to save money so he can open his own company. The beginning of the movie displays how he is a smart and knowledgeable person, which I guess is to show that he's not the average cab driver...but then at the same time, kind of making it seem like cab drivers are typically unintelligent people. I'm surprised they didn't make him foreign.

Max, our cab driving protagonist
After dropping off an attorney named Annie, played by Jada Pinkett Smith(I think she's fuckin' hot; a damn sexy lady if you ask, I digress), Max's next customer is Tom Cruise's character, Vincent. Vincent hires Max for the night to make 5 stops and then back to the airport, convincing the unsuspecting cabby with a pile of cash. Max agrees and takes Vincent to his first stop. Which then leads to a guy falling from the building onto his cab a few minutes later. We find out that Vincent is a hired gun and his five stops are actually five hits. The hitman holds Max hostage and makes him drive around the streets of LA. The only question on Max's mind is, when will the gun be turned on him.

This is a suspense/thriller that delivers...and then not delivers. For example, there are several scenes in the movie where Vincent and Max spitball philosophical banter while dealing with the intense situation of killing people. But then there's several parts where Max seems very whiny and just doesn't stop bitching. Like I said before, Jamie Foxx's acting is just average. It's not like you watched it and said that, “Only Jamie Foxx can play that character.”

One thing I really like is how a lot of the movie is just shot in the cab. It makes the viewer really pay attention to both characters and how their “relationship” evolves. Especially when you are trying to figure out Vincent. You know he's a cold blood killer, but at the same time, he treats Max with a lot of respect and even saves his job in the film. He seems very realistic and clear headed for a guy paid to waste folks. This character has several layers and at some points, extremely positive scenes, that it almost literally makes you forget that he shot a jazz club owner twice in the heart and once in the head. And this is made believable because Tom Cruise did a really good job in this movie. He's convincing. He makes you feel for the character and the character is supposed to be the bad guy. Best part is, this isn't really a Cruise like role. I think that's what I like most about it. I don't think of Tom Cruise as a contract killer with a heart of gold. Who could really pull that off to begin with?

Tom Cruise did a good job in this film
As for the movie as a whole, I like it, but not by a lot. If Tom Cruise didn't do such a good job, I probably would have fallen asleep during it. Several times during the movie when Max is in stressful situations and you're supposed to feel the suspense, I didn't really care. I just wanted to see more Vincent. I don't like how I didn't care too much about the main character. Kind of ruins a big part of the film. I probably would have liked it more if Jada had a nude scene...relevance? None. I just want to see it. If you're interested in seeing a movie that Tom Cruise is pretty good in, then I would check this out. If your hatred for him is too grand and you would rather eat your own vomit then watch Tom Cruise, then avoid this one.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

5 Reasons 2 Hate: 3D Fighters

1. I hate pressing a button to block.

Ok, fuck this. Pressing a button to block is pretty much the number one reason why 3D fighters are broken and a painful experience for me. HOLDING BACK IS THE BEST WAY TO BLOCK. Having to hit a button to guard seems primitive to me. It's SOOOO much easier to press back on the stick. A designated button is just distracting, unnecessary, a giant fucking waste of time. If I'm playing a fighting game, I need quick reactions, a solid way of doing things that I can fall back on. NOT MORE BUTTON PRESSES. I played Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter at the same time on the SNES back in the day. I got blocking in SF easy, in MK, I never got blocking(and MK was 2D back then, for those that are born after 2000). An additional button press to defend yourself is too much to think about. It's hard to have fast reactions when you have something in your mind saying you have to hit a button when someone is attacking you. In the fighting game world, that makes no sense to me. My opponent is furiously mashing buttons to deal damage and my way of dealing with it is to hit another button? NO. THIS IS WRONG. The muscle memory that needs to be built while playing a fighting is to NOT press buttons while being attacked. 3D fighters take that and throw it out the window. And this is just an addition to another problem...

2. The controls are ass.

Yes, they are. They are complete ASS. I don't want to hear this shit that, “Oh, you get used to it if you play them enough.” Fuck that bullshit. There's one way a fighting game should be made: 2D, hold back to block, and easy to remember commands and controls. None of this sidestepping garbage; none of this “guard impact” crap; just a simple use of controls that you can build a muscle memory for so you can focus more on outplaying and outsmarting your opponent. I hate the sidesteps. I hate the low, mid, high attacking. I even hate the jumps(which always seem useless). It never feels comfortable. It never feels legit(meaning, I don't feel like I'm playing a fighting game). There is no flow in these games and it's because the controls don't serve as the best format for a fighting game. I mean, lets get down to it, some of these fucking games don't even have a 6-button layout. How? How do you not have 6 buttons to use? What's with this 5-button shit(god damn block button!)? To give it credit, you need skill to play this. Not to be the best player, but try to fucking not break your mind while playing with something so fucking broken. The idea should be to find ways to beat people you play, not be handicapped by controls that make no damn sense. There's a reason why 3D fighters are not as celebrated as the 2D ones. Think about it.

3. They just don't look as cool.

Mainly on gameplay. Special moves don't look really cool, combos you pull off look like the same repetitive forward punch you are using; it just doesn't look very creative. Watching someone pull off a combo in Marvel Vs Capcom, pulling off an FADC into Ultra on Street Fighter; THOSE are amazing spectacles to watch. 3D fighters like Tekken have dull looking combos. I mean, the character designs in my opinions aren't really displayed well because of the 3D look. People, these are VIDEO GAMES. I don't want them to be realistic, I want them to be creative and filled with fantasy. I don't want them to look like real people; I see real people every day. Use some imagination. I mean, the only game closest to this is Soul Calibur, so at least one of these games has SOMETHING going for it. Either then that, it's a snooze fest of visuals. It's hard to take 3D fighting games seriously when you're snoring. How fascinating is hit to see someone constantly jabbing someone while they're stuck in the fucking air...which reminds me...

4. Corner juggles...

Probably the most ridiculous fucking thing I have seen in a fighting game. You all know what I'm talking about. Even fans of 3D series hate this shit. It is annoying and in some games, is the cornerstone of winning and being a great player. Basically, you start a combo and if they are popped up, you hit just the tiniest pixel to keep the combo going while the opponent floats like a jerk in the air. It is the most FUCKING RIDICULOUS thing I have EVER seen in a fighting game. How is this a strategy? It's soooooo stupid. Imagine if you were fighting someone, punched them in the fast and sent them towards the ground. Then, right before they hit the ground, you throw a punch STRAIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU AND IT HITS THEM. Does that make any fucking sense? FUCK NO IT DOESN'T. Don't believe me? YouTube this shit. See these combos of fighters swinging at air and someone how juggling and comboing an opponent. Go. Enlighten your fucking self.

5. Just the way they are played.

Beyond the terrible controls and the fucked up corner juggles, the way the game is played just boggles my mind. It's not a usual chess match that you would expect where you have to play mind games with your opponents. Nope. 3D fighters can't be that fun. Instead, it's set up as if you're taking turns. One person attacks. Then the next person attacks. Then the other person attacks again. So on and so forth. BORING. I can never identify any setups in these games. It's just hit buttons and pray they're not blocking. It seems super slow. Too many matches I have watched that just timed out because everyone plays sooooo lame. These games are just go in there and see what happens. Now, I'm sure there is some strategy but I guarantee that it has too many limits and are not as expansive as a 2D fighter. These games just seem like you are playing against the game, not the opponent. Too limited, in my opinion. They are just flat our boring and lame as shit. It boggles my mind how people can like Tekken. I will give a saving grace to Soul Cal because at least a lot of the moves and displays has some flare to it, but I can't put it up there with MvC or SF. Doesn't even come close. Someone needs to do something new with a 3D fighter or it will never compete with the big boys. Right now, it doesn't even deserve to be in the same conversation.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Review: The Birdcage

I don't know if liking this movie questions my manhood, my sexuality, or anything, but I really like this movie. I find it hilarious and well acted. The Birdcage was directed by Mike Nichols, the same guy that directed other movies I like: Biloxi Blues(1988), Primary Colors(1998) and Charlie Wilson's War(2007). Now, the Birdcage is out there compared to those movies. It is actually a remake of the 1978 French film La Cage Aux Folles. Robin Williams and Nathan Lane play a gay couple that owns a club in South Beach, Florida. The club features drag queen shows and Nathan Lane's character, Albert, is their biggest star, Starina. Their son, Val, played by Dan Futterman, who was in...nothing else I really give a shit about, is getting married to the daughter of a U.S. Senator played by Gene Hackman. And yes, I am a straight man that likes this movie. Deal with it.

With Val marrying Barbara, played by Calista Flockhart(by the looks of her, this is pre-skeleton form), is an uncomfortable situation for Armand(Williams' character) because Val is so young, he gives his blessing. But there is a catch. The Senator is a Republican conservative and you pretty much get an idea on his views of homosexuality are. Val and Barbara lie to the Senator and his wife, played by Dianne Wiest, and mention nothing about Val's gay parents. So, Val asks his father to “play it straight” if you will, so Val can marry the girl he loves without any issues from Barbara's asshole parents.

Robin Williams and Nathan Lane are great in this movie
This movie is filled with great humor that is really hard not to laugh at and enjoy. And hands down, Nathan Lane steals the show. His role as the very feminine and sensitive gay male is entertaining, funny and memorable. There is a great scene where Albert and Armand are practicing being straight men and Armand has to keep slapping Albert's hand, because every time he drank from something, his pinky was up. They use John Wayne as an example to be a straight man and start walking, talking and mimicking him. Of course, it doesn't work very well, with Albert's high emotions running and Armand's stress of the situation. Robin Williams and Nathan Lane are great together. They sell what they are doing and you believe it. Plus, their comedy mixed with one another is something that should be absorbed by all.

You can imagine all the awkwardness in this film with the characters trying to convince other characters their not gay, Albert and Armand listening to the Senator's views on abortion, gays in the military; all the humor in these scenes are sold on wonderful reactions, body language and the occasional Albert outburst. I pretty much giggle through out this entire movie. The setups are brilliant, the writing is funny, and the acting is outstanding. Literally, it is hard to not enjoy this movie. I mean, Nathan Lane in drag posing as Val's mother was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

Nathan Lane is definitely the star in this film
It is also important to mention the absolutely FUCKING HILARIOUS part of the house keeper, Abador, played by Hank Azaria(the great vocal talent from The Simpsons). His role and performance had be laughing my ass off. He plays kind of the over the top stereotypical gay man; epic slur, over the top gestures, etc. And it is damn funny. So much of what he does clicks with the interactions with the other characters. Hank Azaria is just a funny guy and plays the role of a funny, exaggerated, foreigner, gay or straight, to perfection.

Hank Azaria
There is also a very memorable scene of Gene Hackman in drag. I was actually surprised that he did that. It speaks volumes to an already amazing actor. And you know what, it was hilarious. Clever writing mixed with the great comedic actors of Nathan Lane, Robin Williams and Hank Azaria make this film a fun experience. But once again, Nathan Lane is awesome in this movie. If you are not a Nathan Lane fan, this film will make you one. Known for being a great Broadway actor, Lane shows why.

Hackman in drag. Classic.
This is a good movie. It is well written, well directed, well acted; it is really hard to not enjoy this film. I wanted to write about it because I don't really hear anyone talking about it. I think it's a movie that needs more recognition and more attention. A great comedy with great actors. Some may be uncomfortable because of the theme and/or setting(I'm talking to the manly men now), but just give it a chance. You'll laugh so hard you will forget why you had to act like a douche bag about seeing it. So put your steroid needles down and go watch this movie if you haven't. Or just come out already. Good things are good things no matter if it's straight, homosexual, whatever.

I highly recommend this film if you are in the mood for laughs and good acting. I'm definitely going to start bringing it up more to my friends to give it more recognition and make them watch it if they haven't and you all should do the same.

Monday, November 5, 2012

ND Football 2012: Week 10

So, they tried to lose. Holy fuck, they tried to lose. But despite their poor efforts, ND won and got to 9-0 for the first time since 1993. Saturday's game was a heart attack(yet, another one this season). The Irish came back from being down 14 in the fourth quarter to tie and then had to pull it out in three overtimes. Not really what Irish faithful were expecting, but a win is a win. Just want to point out something before I get into this: Why is it that ND is just struggling at home? Seriously. All ND's home games have been decided by 7 points or less. Yet, on the road, they seem to thrive...? Not really sure what is going on, but as long as they keep winning, I won't complain too much.

Starting with the defense; da FUCK happened?! They were missing tackles, not stopping the run; seemed a little lazy and unprepared. At least, until the final quarter and OT when they played like the Irish defense we know and love. Basically going from sub-par in quarters 1-3, back to the dominance at the end. Hopefully, this game serves as a wake up call that all teams that the Irish play are going to play the best they will ever play this year. The defense did sack senior Pitt QB Tino Sunseri 5 times. Pretty much at the end of the game, Sunseri looked lost and had no idea what to do when the Irish D FINALLY stepped it up. He was throwing bad passes and just taking sacks. The Pitt offense was pretty much non-existent at the end of the game. This is probably the first time the defense was not on their A-game all year. These things happen. And because of that, I will let this slide for this one game since ND got the W.

ND forced 5 sacks
Going to the offense, what a winding road this game was. Too many missed opportunities, too many turnovers, too much inconsistency. The first two drives the Irish had in the game were long, methodical drives that stalled out in the red zone. Instead of two touchdowns, we had to settle for two field goals. Then until the fourth quarter, they were doing nothing. Everret Golson had a pretty good first half. No mistakes, good judgment; didn't play poorly. Then Tommy Rees comes out and starts the second half...and then throws an interception...I still have no clue why Rees was out there. He's come in the help before, but I didn't feel like Golson was playing bad at all, nor did I see a reason to bench him. But of course, after Tommy's INT that led to a Pitt score, Golson was back in. The Irish were down 20-6 going into the fourth quarter. Then Golson hit TJ Jones for a TD pass early in the quarter. But was then followed by a missed PAT from Kyle Brindza(who also missed a FG in the game; guy seems to miss at least one FG a game and now a PAT). Scored remained 20-12 until the Irish drove down the field and Golson threw a pick in the endzone with about 3+ minutes left. After getting the ball back, Golson threw a huge pass to DaVaris Daniels which was then followed by another Golson TD pass to Theo Riddick. Then came the two point conversion to tie the game. Golson rolled out, saw nothing, and then ran it in to tie the game 20-20. But the gray hairs did not stop growing yet. There was still OT.

The Irish and Pitt exchange field goals in the first overtime, making it 23-23. Then, the Irish drive down but Cierre Wood fumbles in the endzone(making it 3 turnovers for the Irish). Pitt then gets the ball, sets up for a game winning field goal, and misses. The god damn luck of the Irish prevails. Following this, Pitt gets another drive in the third OT, but settle for a FG. Going into ND's possession, Pitt leads 26-23. This went away quickly, as ND drove down to inside the one yard line thanks to the running skills of freshman QB Everrett Golson(who got the game ball). Golson then took the ball on a QB sneak and won the game for the Irish, 29-26.

Golson with the game winning TD
Too close for comfort. I thought I was going to puke my brains out after this game. ND has to play better, but once again, I hope this serves as a good wake up call that will get them through their final three games. Notre Dame is 9-0. Still undefeated. Next up is a prime time match up at Boston College this Saturday(6pm EST). ND is not playing at home so, based on this season, should perform well. BC may not be a good team this year but it is still BC. I guarantee, they will play their best football when the Irish come calling. ND needs to stay the course and keep winning games. The media and BCS aren't really favoring them that well, but fuck it. Just one game at a time and just keep winning. That other stuff should work it self out. Until then,

Go Irish! Beat Eagles!!