Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tales Of Relevant Thought - Episode 14

Sorry for the delay in posting folks, but Tales Of Relevant Thought Episode 14 is now available for download! In this episode, the crew reviews the PS4 unveiling; was it good? Terrible? Lame? Exciting? Listen for our thoughts. Also covered are the recent Oscar winners. Take a load off and crack open a cool one and allow to think for you for a while. Enjoy!

Don't forget to listen to new episodes of Tales Of Relevant Thought every Saturday at 7pm EST at www.vtwproductions.com!

Also, for those of you wondering what happened last week, we airred Episode 1 for the first time on VTW with a bonus intro from myself.


  1. Funny show! I would totally play Magilla Gorilla on XBox

  2. Thanks, bro. Glad you liked it.