Tuesday, November 26, 2013

5 Reasons 2 Hate: Batman Arkham Origins


1. Soul less and unoriginal game play.

AO gives you a major sense of deja vu. I asked myself, “Haven't I played this before?” The answer is, yes, I have, when it was called Arkham City. I've tweeted this the whole time I've played the game. Origins feels like an expansion pack to Arkham City. It's the same districts as before but add a bridge and two more areas and that's it. Everything pretty much looks the same. YAWN. There is nothing new or innovative added to the map, levels, characters, combat, story...it's just the same recycled content from the first games. It was just an obvious attempt that WB Montreal was trying to duplicate what Rocksteady did to the tee. And they were successful, expect the bad thing is, Origins has no unique feel. Nothing in this game screams our originality. You'll play it for an hour and be like, “Oh, it's pretty much Arkham City.” Then during the next hour, you're bored. If you've played the other Arkham games, then you are already used to the combat and how to get around the city. Am I supposed to think that some DUMB looking Batwing that quick travels for me is supposed to be so glorious? The map is so fucking small, YOU DON'T NEED FAST TRAVEL. Remember the difference between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City was in AC you had new toys, new takedowns, larger map, new challenges, new objectives, more missions; it was an obvious enhancement. This game just takes AC and puts it in AO. There is no difference. What, are we to blinded because the map is bigger? I'm sorry, but the last time I saw a map of Gotham, it was a lot fucking bigger than this. Just read fucking No Man's Land! This, to me, is an example of a company thinking that its consumers are fucking retarded. Just because we loved playing the first two doesn't give them an excuse to make the half assed excuse I will now refer to as Arkham Origins. I don't know who looked at this game and decided it was a good idea. Do yourself a favor, if you want to play this game, don't. Just play Arkham City again. Aside from the storyline, it's pretty much the same game. The combat is even a hair off. When knocking a goon to the ground, you can hit RT+Y and Batman will do a ground takedown. This was fluid in the other games. In AO, it's 50-50 if it will even work. Couldn't even get a somewhat simple combat system down. One thing they did right was the return of the Riddler collections...except there are none of the riddles that you can use your Detective Scan to solve. Remember those? You get a riddle and you have to find a picture, or building or object and scan it to solve it. No. Now you have to scan Anarky signs...fuckin' christ. SOLVING THE RIDDLES WERE FUN! WHY GET RID OF IT?!

2. The villains...oh lord, the villains.

Remember those classic Batman villains? The Batman villain cast is one of the best in all of comic books. The stories with these characters in relation to Batman are legendary. You know the ones I'm talking about! Like(looks at the villain cast in Arkham Origins) Electrocutioner....uh, and....Copperhead...da fuck? ….and....ANARKY?! FUCKING ANARKY IS IN THIS GAME?! WHO THE SHIT FUCK GIVES A DAMN ABOUT STUPID, PANSY ASS ANARKY?! This character was created in 1989 and made some appearances through the 90s and 2000s. Why? Cause he is a stupid fucking character that couldn't get any life. And then there is fucking Deathstroke?! What, did the fucking creators RUN OUT OF BATMAN VILLAINS? Lets list the great Batman villains that have not been in these games OR had a side quest but not a main story plot: Hush, Maxie Zeus, Red Hood, Simon Hurt and the Black Glove, Professor Pyg, I mean shit, even Spoiler or Ragman would be awesome. Or how about the fucking gangster Falconi and Maroni?! You know, the people Batman fought BEFORE the costumed whackos! You know, the villains FROM HIS FUCKING ORIGIN!!! But no, I have to deal with Copperhead and Electrocutioner. What were they thinking?! Since when was someone called “the Electrocutioner” relevant? Oh, and the boss fight with him is easy. You hit him ONCE and he falls down. ONCE. And then, you don't even fight him again because Bane chucks him out a window and kills him. WHY? WHY IS THIS DOUCHE IN THIS GAME?? And, naturally, this game can't be about any other bad guy, it all boils down to Joker. -sigh- Black Mask is just throw away, he does nothing. He's barely in the game. Batman meets Shiva AND DOESN'T EVEN KNOW WHO SHE IS! SHIVA, ONE OF THE MANY PEOPLE THAT TRAINED BRUCE WAYNE BEFORE HE BECAME FUCKING BATMAN! Fuck this cast. It's one third useless, one third fucked up and one third predictable. Bane is just some mercenary...ugh, I won't go into that. And back to Deathstroke, the ONLY reason he is in this game is for the teaser at the end of the credits for what looks like a Suicide Squad game. THAT'S IT. THAT'S THE REASON. If you are not a die hard fan of Deathstroke, WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK?!

3. The level designs and maps just suck.

I mentioned before that Gotham City itself is not that big in this game. You can get across the whole map rather quickly and effortlessly. This isn't like GTA V where your mind shits into your body and out your ass at how epic and large the map is. No, and that was one thing I was looking forward to. But the levels in this game, good god, they are terrible. They are very cramped and squeezed together and just eventually loop through each other. It's like some small, compact maze. Very lazy. I knew I was going to have major issues with this game when you get to the first level inside of Gotham which is Penguin's boat. The corridors were so small, it made me think that the game was small. The game is in Gotham City! Why am I shoved into some sweat house boat in the harbor?! Then you go into the GCPD and it's the same thing. You go through some offices, down an elevator shaft, through another room and then back to the room you started at. I hate it! The Arkham games were not the most non-linear games, but I mean c'mon, if I look at my map and see an empty room that is not along the path, I know it's either important or a Riddler prize is in there. The levels are just so boring and straight forward. They could have expanded on this for this game, but no, it makes you NOT want to continue the fucking story because you know you have to go through this shit. And another BS thing, remember is AA where Batman went through the odd 2D like scarecrow stages? Yeah, those are back. Except it's the Mad Hatter. It's the same idea. Solving puzzles and making your way through a stage in 2D. BUT THIS ISN'T ORIGINAL! Going back to point #1. I didn't know this type of stage was an Arkham staple, it's not, IT'S A SCARECROW STAPLE. Can't even get their own villains stages right.

4. The stealth is almost useless.

Yes, yes it is. You have your normal predator stages, as usual, but in my opinion, they are the EASIET predator maps in all three of the Arkham games. Honestly, I don't remember getting through the predator maps as fast as I did in this game. It literally takes you, TOPS, 5 minutes to clear them. You don't really have to think. It's just WHAM-BAM you're done. Outside on the streets of Gotham, there pretty much is NO stealth. You just run up and beat the shit out of a bunch bad guys and you're done. The only time you might use stealth is to take down the snipers. THAT'S IT. If you want a stronger challenge, INCREASE THE DIFFICULTY, I swear, otherwise you just glide through this game. You want to know how little stealth is in this game and at the same time see how stupid the game creators are? In Penguin's little ship, I approached a room with Detective Mode on and saw there were 4 goons in the next room(FYI, this is tying into #3 as well). 2 are equipped with guns. Now, I'm playing as Batman, right? If I know goons have guns, I'm going to find another way into the room so I don't get my head blown off. Is this the case? NOPE. You just have to walk into the room and start fighting. Would Batman, one of the best crime fighters ever created, just WALK right into a room with dudes with guns and come at them with fists? HEAD ON?! NO FUCKING WAY. He'd find another way in, kill the lights, SOMETHING. OR, the game SHOULD have been designed so that you have to use your stealth tactics to take down the guns and then finish off the stragglers. LIKE HOW THEY WERE IN THE OTHER GAMES! Out of all the things WB Montreal DIDN'T TAKE from the other games, it's this?! What the fuck?! Seriously, stealth takes a backseat in this game unless it is set up as a predator scenario. That's it.




  1. You forgot to mention how there shouldn't be a need for another Origin story to Batman. XP

    From everything I've seen it just looks like WB was going for a quick cash in on the franchise. Taking an already established franchise and giving it to another dev team? Yeah, that shit doesn't work (looking at you DmC).

    When I first heard of the game I was pissed off. Arkham City left the perfect setup for something bigger (Still waiting to see that title card: Batman - Gotham City). I'd love to see characters like Hush in the spotlight.

  2. LOL - I loved your #1. Seriously, I haven't played this one yet. I'm not even sure why not - it just doesn't really interesting me. Feels too much like 'more of the same'.

  3. I kinda prefer it to Arkham City for my own reasons (no stupid "Arkham City" for one, yeah closing a part of Gotham to turn it into an improvised prison, such a "great" idea... *rolls eyes*) but both open worlds games where sub-par compared to the much better designed Metroid-vania-esque Asylum. Makes flying around town so boring and repetitive compared to a better "level-type" design.

    I can see why they didn't make its map "bigger" anyhow. An excuse for a yearly release, Rocksteady game after this one won't probably neither give us an entire Gotham, I'm expecting double the size, but not all of it.. sigh..

    Anyways, I can probably list 10 more reasons to hate this game :P

    Speaking of the map, the GTA-like missing aspect of it. I guess they should have given us the Batmobile instead of the Batshi.. I mean, Batwing. It would have given us a better sense of scale of the city.

    Personally the Electrocutioner boss was both f*** hilarious and genius, easily my favorite part of the game. I love silly moments like this in game, when they stray off the cliché path.

    The should really rethink and rebrand this series. I'm getting sick of all the "Arkham" in the titles, seriously though, isn't BATMAN as big a brand by itself anymore?! Just call it, huh, BATMAN GAME. BATMAN GAME: ORIGINS, BATMAN GAME: GOTHAM, whatever...

  4. This game just feels like they decided to cram in as many first appearance as possible, in ONE SINGLE NIGHT! (hence the "Origins" in the title?!? I thought that was supposed to be "Arkham"'s origins, not Bat-villains Origins!)

    And it all feels just wrong...

    I mean, are we expected to believe in this night the Jo..I mean, Black Mask put a hit on Batman, before Christmas, Batman met the Joker, Bane, Killer Croc, a "Copperhead", Anarky, etc. for the very first time!? All at once? That's just cheesy non-sensical writing. Even by videogames standards.

  5. A soulless attempt to cash in on the franchise. It's wierd that they call it origins but skip Moroni.

  6. I know right? I always thought that Bats didn't meet villains like Bane and Black Mask until later in his career. Definitely not all of them in one night.

  7. And now that the Arkham games have an origin, it ceases to be that the Arkham games could have possibly been just another story arc in the overall story of Batman. Now that it has an origin that is different from the comic, these games are now they're own thing. I hate that.

  8. "This isn't like GTA V where your mind shits into your body and out your ass at how epic and large the map is."

    Huh. You know, that's pretty much exactly how I reacted to GTA V. Thankfully I didn't have the same physical reaction, because otherwise I think I would be in need of a new wardrobe. And also dead. Probably dead.

    Maybe it's just a sign that I'd rather think about GTA than Arkham Origins. I have to applaud you for sticking with it as long as you did, because I couldn't bring myself to even reach the Electrocutioner "fight". I just watched my brother play up to the Deathstroke fight, and after that I just went "I'm out" and bailed. (He did end up finishing the game, but he didn't enjoy it.)

    But man, reading this post was almost kind of painful. I don't know much about Batman, so I guess the developers were banking on that for one reason or another. But that mess with Shiva? Absolutely bonkers. Unforgivable, even. Between the botched story bits and the weaker gameplay, I guess it's safe to say that AO really is just a lazy cash-in. That really is a shame.

    Maybe the next Batman game will be better. If nothing else, Asylum and City showed us that a good Batman game could be made, so it can be done again, right? Maybe next time, they'll tell the origin story right.

  9. If there even is another game. I can't imagine them making more unless Rocksteady comes back and does the sequel they were going to do.

  10. cry me a river you idiot

  11. Yeah, I don't like it either. I always like to think that Year One, Long Halloween, and Dark Victory serve as a universal backdrop for the series. Oh well. -_-

    I really hope WB doesn't follow the AssCreed and CoD model of releasing a game every year. The already tacked on a MP mode for this game, so that's the next step.

  12. Now with Warner Montreal on board, I expect them to make annual titles - yikes! - like on Rockstead forward, on WB Montreal prequel, etc. Rinse and repeat. Until the end of days! °___°

    Seriously though, mark my words!

    NExt year in 2014, we'll get Rockstead's Batman "Gotham City", then in 2015 expect Batman Arkham Origins 2 (Batman Arkham Begins? Batman Arkham Mid-life Crisis?), then somethingsomething Gotham World/Arkham World from Rockstead, then Origins 3, etc, etc,etc...

    I'm pretty sure none of those will be as good as the first two games... either way..

  13. Oh lord, I hope that doesn't happen. I'll settle for the Rocksteady game and then they should call it quits.

  14. The main reason I'm hearing as to why people don't like this game is because it's too similar to Arkham City....NO FUCKING SHIT!!!! I mean damn, what the fuck are you cry babies expecting? COD is basically the same goddamn game every year, and it's still selling millions, and getting perfect scores in magazines. Arkham Origins is a great game.

    The only flaw compared to the older games is it doesn't run as smooth (a lot of slow down at times). Yeah it had a lot of bugs (because it was rushed), but those have pretty much been ironed out. All this shit boils down to "rocksteady didn't do it, so it automatically sucks..." Get over it, already! AO is just as good as AC. In fact, there are a lot of things I like better in AO (such as Batman's design)

  15. They do mention Arkham Asylum and how it's gonna be an old place fixed up and used for as an Asylum