Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tales of Relevant Thought - Episode 37

It is Episode 37 and by god, we have been rolling for over a year now. In this episode, the TORT fellows conclude their Jurassic Park viewing by talking about the piece of garbage that is Jurassic Park 3. The Playstation 4 is out, and none of us have one! Also, more info on Ultra Street Fighter 4. An episode you do not want to miss!

Don't for get to check out a new episode tomorrow night at 7pm EST. TORT discusses Batman Arkham Origins, Thor The Dark World and Iron Man 3 starring Tom Badguy, Miles Standish and Jesse Davis. On


  1. Indeed. I'm glad you're getting more into comics. Next, your tastes will start expanding past Batman.

  2. I need to finish NML @_@

  3. I need to finish NML. @_@