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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tales Of Relevant Thought - Episode 10

Episode 10 is now available for download! Listen in on this being our first episode to air on Versus The World Productions! Tom has the questions and we answer that age old question: Does Batman need Robin? Also, something about pies and ladies and who is more desirable? Jean Grey or Emma Frost! Enjoy!

Don't forget to listen to new episodes of Tales Of Relevant Thought every Saturday at 7pm EST at!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tales Of Relevant Thought Now On VTW Productions!

Hey everyone, big news! The Tales of Relevant Thought Podcast will now be a part of Versus The World Productions,

Versus the World Productions is a network of independent Shoutcasters, Podcasters, and Bloggers dedicated to all things gaming, technology, and all-around geek culture.

We provide a variety of content on a weekly basis, and our Shoutcast stream runs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  We offer inexpensive podcasting solutions for individuals who want to create original content as well as hosting both audio and video feeds of some of the most unique content on the web.

Myself and my fellow hosts on Tales of Relevant Thought are extremely happy that we were accepted. Special shout outs go to my friend Nate, without him, none of this would have gotten started. Also, mad shout outs to Wayne from VTW in getting us integrated!

Now, our new episodes will air on Saturdays, 7PM EST on VTW, and then be posted to this site on Sundays. Make sure you listen this Saturday as it will be our very first episode in association with VTW!

VTW Productions offers a lot of awesome shows and content that I'm sure you'll all enjoy! Here is a list of their current shows; check'em out!

Also, please go ahead and visit their website and check out the VTW Forums!

I'd like to thank everyone at VTW for having us and we promise to give you guys the best show we can deliver. We really appreciate it and we're glad that you liked our show enough to have us be a part of your community.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review: Street Fighter X Mega Man

Check out my guest review I did on Iason Skullsaber's section of called Free and Legit Games. Iason came to me and asked to do a review on Street Fighter X Mega Man, the new free Mega Man game released by Capcom. I had a lot of fun doing and I want to give some props and shout outs to Iason for inviting me to do it.

Go ahead and check it out! Leave a comment on Geek Juice or mine and lets talk about SFxMM!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Tales of Relevant Thought - Episode 9

It's a good ol' three way in Episode 9 of Tales of Relevant Thought! We get a little deep in conversations regarding Manti Te'o's hoax, action figures, 90s cartoon shows and much, much more! Pour yourself a beer or eight and enjoy the show!

Monday, January 14, 2013

MS Paint Nintendo Art #5

This isn't much, but it's the first thing I thought of
Contra Dream Team
Sure...why not?
Snake's perfect distraction

Friday, January 11, 2013

Tales Of Relevant Thought - Episode 8

Episode 8 is here! Charley has the questions this time around as we discuss first dates, sexual activities, are hand jobs overrated? What does one think about while getting a BJ? We get a little real in this one so you do not want to miss it!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Top 10 Mega Man Robot Masters (5-1)

Ok, lets get back to it. This is my Top 10 Mega Man Robot Masters, 5-1. You'll notice they are all from the best Mega Man game ever made. Mega Man 2 is just perfection, as far as Mega Man goes. Best music out of any game. Best robot masters out of any game. Best all around. This might have been my most played NES game as a kid. It's that one game where I remember everything exactly. Time did not shit on my memory with this one. Any of you people out there that have not played old school Mega Man games do not know what a great Mega Man game is until you play 2. Lets cut deep into the best of the best that little blue Capcom creation has to offer.

Also, if you missed 10-6 then check it out here.

Starting with the stage theme, awesome stuff. A hard beat to begin and then WAM! Right into the fast paced trickle of awesomeness. Wood Man's theme gets me energized and ready to take on what's in store. It's hard to get motivated when this tune plays as you have to fight your way through robot roadrunners, monkeys and...big ass robot dogs that breath fire...I never really got why robot dogs fit with Wood Man. Don't get me wrong, they're awesome enemies but horribly out of place. On the stage itself, pure brilliance if you ask me. Starting off in a dark forest, making your way underground then emerging at the tree tops. Wood Man's stage is just a full experience throughout. The robot master himself was somewhat challenging. You have to dodge and move around a lot. And the leaf shield is pretty cool. But nothing tops it when Wood Man bangs his bosoms to bring the leaves down. That always made me laugh.

Some may think Bubble Man and his stage is the typical “water” part of the game. It is much more than that. Bubble Man's stage has to be one of the most fun. Jumping super high while you're under water with out meeting instant death to the spikes above; classic. Big fucking red, fish, whale, robot, things firing rocket powered shrimp; fucking saWEET. Hmm, now that I think about it, the robot frogs belched up smaller robot frogs...a theme, I am sensing. And, of course, the classic Bubble Man theme. Damn, that song is sexy. You get the underwater mood with a fast beat. Now, thought the Bubble Lead is necessary for the final boss fight of 2, it is not my favorite. In fact, fighting Bubble Man isn't all too impressive. Mother fucker floats and shoots bubbles. BUBBLES. And, I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but his level design makes no sense. You start outside near a waterfall, go down and UNDER WATER, go straight, then appear out standing next to ANOTHER waterfall. Seriously, Google his stage right now and I bet you'll raise an eyebrow. But his kick ass tune and underwater minions make up for it.

Ok, ok, ok. I want honesty. When you were a KID, before you played this game a MILLION times; did you or did you not throw your controller at Quick Man's stage? If you said no, then fuck you, cause I sure as shit did(and I'm ignoring being super cheap and using Flash Man's weapon). Quick Man's stage drove me INSANE as a kid. I mean, you're just falling trying to dodge fucking HUGE ASS LASERS! This could have been the first time I broke a NES controller. So many childhood headaches. And the music went perfect with it. Quick Man's theme has a mechanical insanity to it, mixed with a smooth theme. Basically, making you feel a false sense of security while laughing hysterically at you. But, the stage with all its obstacles, makes sense. You must be “quick” on Quick Man's stage. Yeah, see what I did there? Lame. The stage itself it actually pretty awesome when you look at it. It's almost 100% vertical. A Mega Man stage that goes up to down, not left to right. Super unique. And Quick Man himself is just a badass. Only a real robot master would jump around shooting boomerangs and then grant you the powers of a pink Mega Man costume. A hard but thought through stage design, mixed with crazy music, makes this Rang chuckin' psycho robot one of my favs.

Talk about a stage of complete genius and challenge. You'd figure with a guy like Flash Man, his stage would be about stopping time. No. It's about complete time in itself. Slick floors, multiple directions to take, you can go through this stage a few different times taking a different route as if each Mega Man has a different destiny in time. The floors being slick makes you time your jumps. See where I'm going with this? It's a masterpiece. Plus, the colors, though predominantly different shades of blue and green, are awesome. The color changes remind me of a good acid trip. Then you get to the bottom and you fight Racer X(that's what those dudes always looked like to me) in his huge ATST. Doing all this while listening to ONE OF THE BEST Mega Man themes EVER. A great build up that leads to a dynamite chorus. You all know what I'm talking about. Now, believe this or not, but I think Flash Man is a dick. Not that he's hard to fight, but his other weapon is better than the one you get. Would you rather freeze time and watch your skill meter go to 0 in 5 seconds OR, have the ability to have your buster turned into a spread gun? Seriously, I thought Flash Man's gun would be a way better upgrade than freezing time. A great stage, great track, great robot master.

So, why Metal Man number one? Because of the only reason that matters in Mega Man. Metal Man's theme is THE BEST robot master themes. Period. It's fast, enjoyable and gets stuck in your head for WEEKS. I whistle this fucking tune all the damn time. Once it's in there, there is no getting out. It rivals Wily's Castle theme; IT'S THAT GOOD. Reason number two: Metal Man's weapons are THE BEST weapons to use in this game. Why? First off, you're shooting big ass saw blades at foes. Second, you can shoot them in multiple directions. Up, Down, Left, Right, doesn't matter, it fires and goes the complete screen. Third, using this weapon BARELY decreases your skill meter. I think four saw blades is equivalent to 1 bar of skill. I use it as my primary weapon. It totally trumps the buster. His stage is pretty cool, I like the factory theme. Especially the part where all the drills come from everywhere down the corridors. I would just stand there and mash the gun until I got max 1ups. Metal Man is also my favorite robot master by design. He's got high jumps, a cool weapon, and a Mega Man staple, his weapon is glued to his head. Metal Man always reminded me of Shredder with that saw blade on his head accompanied with the mask. Metal Man = badass music, badass weapon, just a badass in general.

Well, that's it. My Top 10 robot masters in the Mega Man games that matter. Feel free to list your Top 10 and lets talk about it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Works of Charley McMullen

So, I meant to put these up FOREVER ago, because I'm an idiot, but below are some great pieces illustrated by my good friend, Charley McMullen(Co-Hos of Tales Of Relevant Thought). This includes "Mono Under the Mistletoe" which SHOULD have been posted with Episode 5 of the Podcast. But I spaced it. Below that, is a humorous take on Disney buying Star Wars. Great stuff.

You can visit Issac's Glue Productions to view more of Charley's work and follow him on Twitter: @CharleyMcMullen

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tales Of Relevant Thought - Episode 7

And the fates said, let there be, an Episode 7! Scorpius Jones runs it back and joins us again! Have fun listening to us discuss important talk about homosexual sex, donuts, Aquaman, good and bad video games; did I mention we're drinking Rum during this show? Because, seriously, alcohol makes everything that much better. So pour yourself a drink, or 12, and enjoy the latest installment of [Insert Podcast Name]....EXACTLY! And don't forget the TIEEEETS.

EDIT: Oh yeah, it ran like, 15 minutes longer, but it's not a bonus this time; the booze took hold.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Top 10 Mega Man Robot Masters (10-6)

Ok, I'm going to make one thing clear. When I say I'm a Mega Man fan, I'm talking about old school Mega Man; when it was at its best. Mega Mans 1 – 3. Not any of this charged buster gun, X armor collecting crap. The originals. The games that should have made you love Mega Man. Mega Man 2 is my favorite Mega Man. No slides, no charges; just jump, shoot and dodge. “But Tom, the new Mega Man games on XBL are like that!” NO! That's just remade garbage!! Did those games make me hum their stage music so much it annoyed all around me? Nope! The first three Mega Man games are the only ones that anyone should care about. But a game isn't as good as its bad guys(and believe me, I know a thing or two about being a badguy). I'm listing my Top 10 favorite Robot Masters from games 1 – 3 starting with rankings 10-6. Not going to lie; most of them are based on their stage music alone. And if the opening theme to Mega Man 2 was a robot master, it would be number one. Unfortunately, it is not, so it will have to settle for best game intro music ever created(ya damn right). And as hard as it is for me to forgo Dr. Wily's Castle bosses from Mega Man 2(cause the theme is one of the best), this is just for robot masters.

First off, I love Shadow Man's stage. I always thought the lava flowing in the background was so awesome when I was a kid. The parts where the lights go on and off added awesome challenge as well. The appeal of Shadow Man is quite simple: Ninja. As a child, I liked playing the Ninja Gaiden games and getting the big shuriken power up. When you defeat Shadow Man, you get the big ass ninja star to throw around. I used that thing all the time when playing 3. I love it. I think his design is awesome; I like the somewhat navy blue color and the big fuck off weapon taped to his head. I can definitely see him as a villain in an MGS game; no joke. I like how his stage music started somewhat upbeat and then leads into the chimes. Overall, the song feels smooth and has a killer beat. Then when the chorus kicks, what a thrill.

Raise your hand if you fell of the the moving ledges when you were a kid? Ok, raise your hand if you fell off 50 millions times when you were a kid? Gutsman's stage was a bitch, when I was like 5, but after getting through that, I love. The whole construction theme was pretty cool, but of course, the best part about Gutsman was getting his power. Pick up big fucking boulders and chuck'em. That shit is so much damn fun. I mean, Gutsman as a boss is really easy to beat, but his fat ass tossing square rocks always made me giggle. And I like this stage music too. When it opens, it sounds somewhat foreign. Then it gets into a type of business like mood; something that would fit robots in a construction site. Yeah, because, that's obviously a real thing that I would know about, lol. Though, I never really knew why they called him Gutsman. I'm assuming it's because he is super strong. Well, for whatever reason, it's one of the coolest names for a Robot Master(if there was some other name for him in the OG Japanese version, please don't tell me, I don't want Gutsman ruined for me).

Bombman has my favorite theme from Mega Man 1. It's so uplifting and just sounds plain fun. His stage is my favorite as well. A big ass future city with crazy shit every where. I always imagined I was jumping around on rooftops when I played that stage. The music is so fitting to it as well. Bombman's stage is pretty unique because the them doesn't really tie in with his character, you know, being made of fucking bombs. It's as if Mega Man is actually going through a legit location in the world and the bad guy is wrecking havoc in actual place, not just some lair. Now, Bombman is super easy to beat as well, but I really like the bomb tossing power you get. When are we going to see the show down of Bomberman, Mega Man and Link? Just a big bomb throwing orgy.

It's hard to argue that there is a cooler stage than Snake Man's stage. Bordered with snakeskin floors, ceilings, that all lead up to fighting big ass snake heads; hands down, one of the best Mega Man stages. Now, some might say his stage music is classic, I actually disagree. It's ok at best. In fact, Snake Man's weapon isn't even that great. Just snakes running on the ground. It's his stage and his graphic design that wins it for me. I always thought he looked like he wore a costume handed down from Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe. So as a kid, I always called him Cobra and pretended like Mega Man was a G.I. Joe sent to take out the Commander. Silly I know, but I was a kid, fuck off, lol.

As corny as this sounds, Magnet Man has a special place in my heart. When MM3 first came out, my brother and I were all over that shit. Magnet Man was our favorite robot master from this game. Why? His epic fucking pose before you fight him. My parents have so many pictures of my brother and I as kid striking that pose. Arm in front, arm in back, right leg straight leaning on the left leg bent; fuckin' real life memories, bro. His stage is awesome too. I would always fuck around with the huge magnets that suck you in the air. Go up as high as I could without getting hit. Magnet Man's weapon is ok and he's not hard to beat at all(I mean, at this point, are any of them? How many times have you played these games by now?) but every time I fight him, I remember the pose most of all. That's the one thing I will always keep in mind whenever someone brings up MM3, thanks to Magnet Man.

Come back next week and see how I finish out 5-1. I'm sure you'll have “two” times as much fun reading it.

Check out 5-1 here.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

ND Football 2012: BCS National Championship Preview

I don't know if you mother fuckers heard, but Notre Dame finished the regular season undefeated. Yup, 12-0. Closing the season with a 38-3 victory at home against Wake Forest and then closing the season on the road with a 22-13 victory at USC(and I was at that game and it fucking rocked). NOW! The #1 ranked Fighting Irish are going to the National Championship game in Miami, FL to take on the #2 Alabama Crimson Tide. The heart of the SEC and the face of college football for the last few years. Alabama already has 2 titles in the last 3 years. ND hasn't been to a championship game since '88; that's over 20 years ago. But before I get into the game, let me go over just a few things that has happened between now and my last ND post:
Irish celebrate a goal stand Vs. USC in November
  • Irish linebacker Manti Te'o became the most decorated college football player in history winning 7 national awards: Maxwell Award for Most Outstanding Player, Walter Camp Award for Player of the Year, Vince Lombardi/Rotary Award for most Outstanding Lineman, Chuck Bednarik Award for Defensive Player of the Year, Bronko Nagurski Award for Defensive Player of the Year, Dick Butkus Award for most Outstanding Linebacker, and Lott IMPACT Trophy for Outstanding Defensive Player.
  • Manti Te'o did not win the Heisman Trophy, because the media manipulated everyone to vote for Johnny Manziel, but Te'o did receive the most votes for a defensive player EVER in a Heisman voting(he came in second).
  • Head Coach Brian Kelly won The Home Depot Award for Coach of the Year!
  • Defensive Coordinator/Assistant Coach Bob Diaco won the Frank Broyles Award for Assistant Coach of the Year!
  • Tight End Tyler Eifert won the John Mackey Award for most Outstanding Tight End.
Te'o should have won the Heisman
Now, onto the National Championship(Monday, Jan. 7th). Guess what? ND, even though they're the #1 team in the country, is the underdog in this game. Bama is favored by double digits. Hmm, sound familiar? ND being doubted, AGAIN. Fuckin' seriously, I think the Irish have only been favored once this year in a big game(vs. SC) and want to hear another “shocker?” I was watching some of the preview stuff on ESPN and ONCE A-FUCKING-GAIN, I hear this: “Notre Dame hasn't faced a team like Alabama, all year.” You know something? When you say that about a team in EVERY SINGLE GAME THEY PLAY IN, we can all tell you're running out of things to say. Of course, naturally, I heard this and that sealed the deal; I think the Irish will take the championship game and end the season 13-0. I mean, all year, I wanted Bama in the title game. For one reason: with all of ND's success, all the doubters still say that they couldn't take a team like Bama or a high caliber SEC team. Why not? ND is built like an SEC team. They do two things correctly and very well. They run the ball and play great defense. The Irish are #1 in scoring defense only allowing an average of 10 points/game. Why is this game any different? All year, ND has been tested, all year they were told they were going to lose, all year – god dammit! And what have they done? They've won. Bottom line, they won all their games.

Alabama Vs. Notre Dame
Lets take a look at Bama. Coached by Nick Saban, one of the greatest coaches. Their offense has an awesome offensive line(probably the best in the country), two great running backs in Lacy and Yeldon, and a their quarterback AJ McCarren has performed very well. Also, it helps that Bama plays kick ass defense as well. Ever wanted to know what happens with an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? That's what Monday night is going to be like when ND and Bama face off. It's going to be an old school, smash mouth game which will be won inside the trenches. Whichever offensive or defensive line gets the edge will win this game. And think about the tradition of this game! Two of the most decorated schools competing for the title! I don't think there's been a championship game this highly anticipated and this highly desired in a LONG TIME. Last time these two faced each other in a bowl game, it was in the Sugar Bowl in the 70s where the Irish beat Bear Bryant and the Crimson Tide, 24-23 and won a national title. (I would like to point out to any Bama fans reading, Bear Bryant NEVER beat Notre Dame. 0-4, son.)

I will be watching and cheering and if you're not into football, fuck it, just watch it. These are two premier schools in college football so it does not get any better than this. Just one more win and ND can go home the champs. How awesome would it be, that during the 125th year anniversary of the football program, that ND would be the national champs?! Until then,